"The Taming of the Shrew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Oh, woman, child, accustomed to play
eyes and gentle eyes, kiss and caress,
I would despise you with all my heart,
and I love you, worrying and grieving!
Constantine Balmont
He lives outside the city itself rather chubby and moderately (uh-uh ... do not truthfully, very well in moderation) a beautiful 40-year-old man in the prime of life, a prudent owner and winemaker, amateur animals and bicycle. Lives, not knowing grief, in a cozy home for the company with a diligent housekeeper and umnyuschey of dog, a dog Matroskin (why not marry?). And suddenly you bang! - rain. When opened, the abyss of heaven and someone on top of all the living waters of tuchevoy watering, "gryali" coming and always will be "gryasti" the most fateful change. Of the collective dream can materialize devilishly attractive man or - a charming stranger, right on the doorstep and thine is not commissioned. Zyrknet kind of "Rain Man," their magnetic enormous eyes - a blow to the solar plexus is guaranteed. And then already on the ground will such thunder and lightning flash, that the sky will not find
And then fit to ask the true Italian question:! "Perche?" I mean, "Why?" Why is this movie so fond of people, what his secret? The Russian roots Ornella Muti? The gutta-percha ease muscular body Adriano? In the village exotic? The intoxicating taste of victory with two winners without a loser? The intrigue of "The Taming of the Shrew" is not new and is easy to distraction. The bottom line of social scientists - gender is eternal confrontation with the elements of the game. In the wet - "The Taming of the Shrew" is exactly the opposite. In fact the film version of "Amazing spears" Italian comedians Castellano & Pipolo - a classic sitcom, and in practice - the collision of two characters stroptivtsa where it is not known whose scythe sharper and whose stone harder. "In this self" is a struggle charming "Donna-Bambina" with "not a lad in love, but her husband stout, stern, inflexible" for life, and to live together. Trite? Maybe, but ... It is these "but" stoklyshki in a kaleidoscope of events, making the whole picture.
-screen duo Adriano Celentano and Ornella Muti long been elevated to the rank of worship. Socialite and peyzanin with "dragon teeth" instead of a shy smile child dive on the background of pastoral images. Crowds of boys dreamed of a green-eyed Lisa; keeping up with them, a charismatic idol ladies piled sacks of letters with the cries of the soul to Elena Sparrow style in the scene with Yuri Galtsev: "Well, take me!»
Looking at Ornella Muti, do not want to speculate. I would like to look at those breasts, the Shelley ... sorry, the mouth with a faint Shcherbinka between the teeth and do not think of any cabbage congresses in Brussels. Celentano your photo could illustrate any article on the alpha-male in reference publications, and temperament to feed more than one hundred plants. Partying, animalistic plastic and grace when he plays every muscle, every muscle, do not allow to look up from his psevdobibleyskogo Elia for a moment - whether it's competition with juicer machine, chopping firewood or basketball game. And, paradoxically, the latter masculine charm, albeit with moments of outright rudeness, and "vedroprikladstvom" radiance eclipses the first beauty. Chelentanovskaya egocentric nature, exactly duplicating the scene with a love confession into a microphone, outweighs the public's attention on himself. They say this Ornella Muti partner never forgave. However, many say ...
Wonderful characters and their dialogues - one more magical stoklyshko- "but»
-. You're the girl who is used to such cities as Milan, Portofino, cardboard ...
- Cortina
-! you must be able to communicate with animals - it's not you people. With them, you can always negotiate
-. You're a misogynist, a boor, boor, tyrant ...
- From all this I conclude that you're in love with me
Mammy (Mommy), copy rabyneizaurovskoy. Zhenuarii or Mammy from "Gone with the wind" possessed matrimonial plans, or priest in sweatpants and sneakers under the mantle, permanent ringing in the bell - a pair of individuals from the immortal gallery "Taming" of images. By the way, remember: they should speak only the voices of Tamara Semina and George Vitsin of Soviet dubbing that applies to other characters in the movie
outfits from costume designer Wayne A. Finkelman - "however" in the square or cube.! Is it possible to forget the aqua dress with wraps, in which the heroine committed a triumphant exit for dinner, like on the red carpet? (Later, it will be sold at auction for 15 thousand dollars, and in our memory belongs to Lisa Silvestri forever.) And good not only for women, but also men's clothing: shirts owner "hacienda" with kloshem from the waist up, his baseball cap with wings a- A helmet in Asterix, pants, Aladdin.
And where do without music? Consummate dance in a barrel of grapes under the «La pigiatura» of the group «CloWn», their own «Step on Dynamite», song of Celentano «Innamorata Incavolata A Vita» overwhelm the film drive, creating a mood of summer and holiday:
grappoli d ' oro
ogni dolce e un tesoro
non ti fermare
sei il piu forte
insisti e vincerai *
And the celebration continues even after the final frame with frozen jump Elia ...
< i> - So what will be your positive response
Love and enjoy your life - summer, winter, under the sultry rhythms of "The Taming of the Shrew" and the beating of their hearts
* Golden bunches, each
! sweetness - it is with . Krovische

not stop you - the most powerful, pull devil
and win
(From the song «La pigiatura» «CloWn» group)

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