The successful masculine tactic in the relationship Essay

Surely we would like to describe the successful masculine behavior during the search of the best bride.

After the registration on a dating site every man turns into the desirable prize for the women who are seeking for husbands there.

The first and the most useful advice for the newbie on a dating site is not to hurry. As a rule, the quantity of women on the dating cites are bigger than the quantity of men up to three to four times. So, give yourself the time to get acquainted with all of assortment of women dwelling in this site.)))

The second advice is try by all means to forget about all your past mistakes and failures in relationships. The best thing is to believe in your uniqueness and demand. And surely, please do not forget to show your high status to women. This will stimulate women's interest in your person and expand your range to select the appropriate candidate.

Below we would like to show the example of the successful masculine behavior during the correspondence with a choice one. We have changed names in order not to violate moral principles.

Dick, citizen of New York, USA

Hello dear Olga ;)))

Thank you for your very beautiful letter, You are very beautiful Olga, I would be very happy to know you more, yet I do have to say I am writing to another lady here, I do like her very much.

I not want to seem playing you both for my own pleasures....

I do get many letters from many beautiful ladies there, I cannot write to all ladies even though getting to know more can be more chance to find love. Yet I only want one lady to love and I am writing to her now and chatting. Most ladies I cannot write to I send an automated reply thanking them.

But, Olga, I have written to you as I do feel your beauty in your heart …

All I can offer here is my friendship and if love not grows with the lady I am getting to know I would be happy to know you more, if no other man has melted your heart ;)))

Thank you again Olga for your letter

Olga, citizen of Poltava, Ukraine.

Hi Dick",

I would like to tell you that you are a real gentleman!

I want to thank you so much for your compliments and I want to admit that I am sure that honesty has the highest value among the other traits of man's character.

I am very grateful to my fate for the chance to know such a decent man as you are.

Surely, I wish you all the best in your relationship with the lady that you have mentioned in your letter. But as I have understood that you have not met her and I still have a little chance to know you better and to meet you.

Please, do not hesitate and please write to me immediately in case if you will decide that the aforesaid lady does not fit your demands.

Air kiss


So, one can see that the aforesaid Dick, has shown himself as a real gentleman who is in a high demand of the feminine population of the site. But he has made the pleasant exception to the general rule for the woman from Poltava. He has informed her about his relationship with another woman, but at the same time, he gave her a chance to win his heart.

We will not hide from the auditorium that such a tactic has highly increased the attempts of the woman from Ukraine to become the bride of the citizen from New York.

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