The Success Story Of GlaxoSmithKline Company Essay

The company GlaxoSmithKline was invented in 21st century after Glaxo welcome plc and SmithKline decided to combine, as a company they have set high standards as they try to strive for their goal. They target are ‘to be one of the world’s most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies.’ To make their dreams a reality, the company GlaxoSmithKline created a plan to produce an exceptional, unique and required product that will be used by in individuals internationally. This company has high expectations and principles that they describe as ‘the heart of everything we do’ and they have a list of vocabularies that they refer to when they are producing a product.

GlaxoSmithKline take part in varies activities from producing healthcare products for world known companies to conducting research of upcoming diseases. Before dispatching any products GlaxoSmithKline have host trial so that they can evaluate if the product is going to fulfill its purpose of treating a certain illness or disease. The trials have different stages and they all must take place, or the product will be invalid. All the products are tested on humans so for the first stage the medicine or vaccine the company will test it on both health and sick individuals to see how effective the product will be and if it is able to fulfill the its purpose on the individuals that are unwell.

The phase two of the trials only take place when the first phase of the trial goes as expected, this is the most important part of the trial as the product is dispatch to individuals who have the illness that the product is supposed to treat. GlaxoSmithKline goal in this phase is to see if the medicine is going to be as effect as they thought, and they try to discover what dosage is right for each machine. They also want to know if they could use the product to prevent the illness for individuals that don’t suffer from the disease. During this phase “the performance of the medicine may be compared against a group of patients receiving a placebo. A placebo is a treatment that looks the same as the potential new medicines but has no active ingredient.” When the product proves GlaxoSmithKline right, it is then processed to phase 3. Phrase 3 is like phase 2 as the similar actions are taken but in phase 3 there are more people are the product is tested so everyone is different for instance, they test individuals that are from different background to see how effective the product is when treating their disease or illness.

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