The Strategic Leader Essay


How to develop the Strategic Leader? Explain.


Different kinds of strategies, which are developed by the different organization, will guide the managers to evaluate all the goals and objectives of the organization in a proper manner, which will help to develop strategic initiatives. There are five CEOs Ray Kroc, Fred Turner, Michael Quinlan, Jack Greenberg and Jim Skinner is the five CEOs of Mc Donald’s, and the assignment will focus what are the key areas as well as what are the key strategies developed by leaders by which Mc Donald’s got benefited in particular ways ("Home ::", 2016). Mc Donald’s is one of the global organizations, which operate its burger business across the major cities of the globe. There are different kinds of strategic initiatives which majority of the firm companies towards achieving the common organizational goals and objectives. However, there is one common purpose, which the various organizations were operating any business try to make towards increasing overall sales and profit in an efficient manner. The strategic initiative includes towards developing a proper business plan, which bridges the gap between where we are standing where we want to go.

Ray Kroc, the founder as well as a builder of Mc Donald is provided as an industrial pioneer no less capable than Henry Ford is. The most significant aspect of his leadership style is the revolution made in the American restaurant industry towards imposing discipline on the production of hamburgers, fresh fries, and milkshakes by developing a sophisticated operating as well as delivery system, which made all the customers very much satisfied with the business operations (Collins, 2012).

Fred Turner guided the organization in a different manner, which imposed an overall change in the organization and explained why change is required in the organizational operations for the accomplishment of the organizational goals and objectives. Change is necessary for both inside operations as well as external operations of the business, and the most significant point is the organization got benefited in particular ways by applying the change management in the organization.

As a director of the Industrial Relations Research Center, Michael Quinlan develops individual organizational as well as managerial activities in the proceedings of the business. The most important part which Jack Greenberg follows in the overall business operations is towards identifying different challenges of Mc Donald’ and to develop different kinds of strategies which will be executed in a proper manner ("Home ::", 2016).

The contribution of Jack M. Greenberg in the Mc Donald’s business contributed one of the significant aspects as the World’s biggest restaurant chain implements the Made for you a heating system which was designed to keep the burgers fresh from getting stale; the new regime requires restaurants to make food fresh. This particular initiative developed by Jack M. Greenberg contributes to a noticeable increase in sales and profit in an overall manner.

Jim Skinner, the CEO of Mc Donald’s has made an overall revolution in the menu. The objective of Jim Skinner has restructured Mc Donald’s and redesigned the redesigned the restaurants with the addition of premium coffee offerings, fruits and walnut salad and chicken wraps ("Home ::", 2016). Skimmers also earn high marks towards offerings better value and improve operations in the overall marketing process of the organization.

However, to be more accurate, there are certain ways, which need to be fulfilled to evaluate different kinds of strategies. Communication strategy, strategic planning task force, vision statement, mission statement, values, goals, objectives, tasks, implementation strategies and monitoring strategic plan are the key objectives towards the implementation of the strategic planning and objectives (Jobber & Ellis- Chadwick, 2013).

The overall objectives of all the CEOs of Mc Donald’s are to develop common as well as overall strategies, which will conclude the following factors in the next part of the assignment. The development of the communication strategy is much essential for the efficient development and implementation of strategic plans and operations (Gupta, Massisimo, & Koontz, 2013). The development of core team objectives of the organizational leaders is to create different kinds of strategic planning is as well as implementation. The notion of the vision statement includes the development as well as implementing the roadmap for the future. The application of mission statement will conclude the goals, values, and objectives of the organization (Hood, 2013). These are the particular element, which needs to be analyzed by the team to evaluate all the operational activities.

The present assignment is classified into three questions, which will conclude how different CEO of the various organizations developed their strategic leadership for the betterment of the business operations. There are certain organizational goals and managerial objectives, which different groups based on the nature as well as objectives of the company need to develop in the overall business operations (Cateora, Gilly, & Graham, 2013). The role of the various leaders towards the accomplishment of the organizational as well as managerial activities is very much significant in the overall business transactions. The second question in the assignment will find on what are the specific elements of the various types of strategic initiative relates to the course of concept (Dibb, 2012). However, the final point of the assignment will find what are the positive affect as well as what are adverse effects of which are included towards the development of a proper initiative. The, the most important thing that the leadership style and strategies which are concluded in the assignment is the strategic as well as the leadership style adopted by the CEO of Mc Donald’s. All the factors are very much crucial as well as significant in the overall activities, which have been followed in the right manner.

The objective towards developing different kinds of strategies in the organization will guide the company to develop various types of plans and proceedings to guide the common goals and objectives of the organization. There are certain advantages as well as certain disadvantages, which will conclude how different organizations will apply different kinds of plans and policies. However based on various findings and research work there are certain points, which will find how the organization was benefited after using these in the organization.

On the other hand, there are some issues as well as different challenges, which this team needs to focus in the process of developing a proper initiative for the betterment of the society. In the era of globalization, the purchasing options of the buyers are more diversified which will ensure the application of a proper marketing plan and options (Jobber & Ellis- Chadwick, 2013). The role of CEO is diversified as it develops all the programs and proceedings towards the development process of the strong operational activities (Kotler, 2013).

This part of the study will ensure what are different kinds of findings that will provide the selected organization to focus on what are the different types of key factors, which helped the decision, making process of Mc Donald’s in the overall business manner. The leadership strategies of five CEO are highlighted in the overall assignment, which will execute the application of the different kinds of leadership skills towards the achievement of the common managerial goals and objectives. It is one of the most important as well common objectives of the various leaders of the different organization in the process of development of the organizational goals and activities and on the other hand, how the company will be benefited after applying these leadership skills of the five different CEOs of the organization.

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