"The Straight Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Time - hourglass. Do not stop, do not turn back, do not replace the battery. It seems that only I was young and strong, and now and legs give way, and, God forbid, the sand begins to crumble from senile body. Fading daylight - this vision fails former sniper. Yes, and the mower knocks, infection, and so would be shot on the spot for disobeying orders. Just can not be at peace, there are still unfinished business, unpaid debts. Do not be late. And Alvin Straight is going on a journey, distant, perhaps the last, and certainly the most important in life: to see her brother, who had not spoken for years. Oh, almost forgot, because of what quarrel something, but the old wound of rest does not. We must forgive. Say goodbye. It's simple.
«The Straight Story», a film with a telling name, shape concise so that the aphoristic genius label stuck to it organically and perhaps forever. However, the most unusual in the "simple stories" is not even the fact that it took David Lynch, and that took on real events, and the question unanswered - why he did it at all. What caught his journey this man Strait, whose name, "simple" and whose life was the same? Most of the director of works distinguished aura of mystery and innuendo, an incredible array of interpretations, ambiguous characters and special state of timelessness, which are fused together the past, the future, the possible and imaginary. Before that it was "Lost Highway", will appear after "Mulholland Drive" and "History Strait" between them looks foster peasant child in an aristocratic family. Too clear too consistently too specifically. Sometimes owls - exactly what they seem. But Lynch would not Lynch, he does not leave the viewer space for the mind.
Action "simple stories" develops slowly, obeying the slow pace of the old man's life. The hero in the traditional form of the classic cowboy on pensions: a hat with metal plates, checkered shirt, jeans, beveled heels - a cinematic portrait of one to one copied from photos of real straight. A sort of relic of the past, besides obnoxious beast: in which the distance was going on klyatyh mower, one ... But this is only seemingly senile caprice. Drive to Mount Zion - a kind of pilgrimage, spiritual redemption path, the path to God, to the highest revelation. By overcoming their own pride and the true Christian mutual aid. It is supported by works, he sends word. Like the ancient treasure chest, Alvin keeps a great worldly wisdom, which is extracted gradually, in the form of tips and instructive stories for people met along the way. Here is the parable of the rods and broom helps prodigal daughter back to the family, that's the story of our own mistakes makes two brothers to stop the unnecessary dispute, and the case of the war years allows another veteran extinguish inveterate pain. Straight guides, teaches a simple and important things: love life, believe in yourself, to forgive loved ones - because there is nothing more precious; and everyone is entitled to a second attempt. Alvin And for this confession, the ability to get rid of the severity of past sins, to be free in your inner space.
Like opening the space within himself, Lynch, who has a special relationship with time, made the story completely linear, straight as a road. The picture even starred in a clear chronological sequence to the actors did not play, and experienced history. To hitting the spatial coordinates of the Strait, the audience try on his life and his way. To complete the glittering stars of the abyss was opened to everyone. The director seemed to invite us for a session of transcendental meditation, which is practiced for many years. The slowness of action, rare dialogues and frequent prolixity in the narrative, luxurious panoramic flyby, allowing admire the verdant fields of space, quiet and uncrowded, branded music Angelo Badalamenti - all this takes on a different tape, has a philosophical level. There, where Alvin may be conditional follower of biblical prophets, and the new Odysseus, returning home again, and turtles that Achilles will never catch up. And the director's favorite motif of the road, the road appears here to eternity, to the Supreme Court of the life path of a person - whether it is a symbol of creative ways of Lynch? Perhaps in non-Euclidean space of his imagination he had already made his last, the final film. Touching and simple, harmonious in form and content, with a touch of bright nedogovoronnosti in the final. Almost perfect.
If hourglass drop on one side, turn Eight, the symbol of infinity. Every journey ends, like every life - it's natural. Like the idea that we will continue further in our affairs and children solomsya with the cosmos, finding at last, peace and wisdom. And then the stars will lead us home.

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