"The Straight Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Such a simple simple story - I apologize for tautology. The great and terrible, one of the most dark and mysterious film directors of our time, an esthete and artist David Lynch is somewhat deviated from its usual spectator role of the author of mystical movies, puzzles, that for the full vision of the plot concept forced to compare with each other a great many small details that awkwardly tumbled out of hand and are lost in the midst of timid guesses. The plot of this lies in the courage, stubbornness, and upholding the values ​​of internal lawsuits one person -. Good-natured and affable old man Alvin Alvin Straight
seventy-three, he lives with his loony, but infinitely loving and caring daughter of God and the devil in a forgotten province America, where everything is, as a rule, goes on as usual, stringy and sluggishness. And yet, like, okay, Alvin slowly mows the grass in the yard, talking to a peasant in a plaid shirt, encourages passion daughter manufacturer birdhouses (each successive model which differs from the previous just another motley color of the roof). But then - there was no grief - come to the house the old man's bad news of the illness of his brother Lyle, which, by the way, the first did not bind to any in any way for a decade. Alvin does not have a driving license and, even more so, the personal car spits on all the obvious complications and misunderstandings arising from his vague, suspicious donating trivial senile marasmus idea to go on a long journey to the battered mower - so even with the impressive dimensions of the trailer to sleep into the bargain. Stoically rejected all the onslaught of friends, daughters, and just casual acquaintances, old does not renounce his ideas; like a holy vow unswervingly follows it on the thorny, but such a charming way from point A to point B. 'I have to continue this way since I started', - treats Alvin for which this road is not difficult only physically, but also mentally: this way, as it does any path, in principle, is a symbol (as in the road movie without characters?) perturbations way of thinking and actions of the main character, the struggle with himself. With him, proud and storing as the apple of his eye hurt at such native human heart for ten years, lead-heavy. Thriller? No. Psychological? .?. Yes
- How long have you been on the road nahoditel
- All my life
'The Straight Story' - a real road movie; film-ballad with an itinerant elder philosopher necessarily, intoxicated by piling hichhaykerov moralizing, dressed in not boring everyday truths. And all these things at ease action takes place in the symbolic decoration of the flora of the American heartland - with dusty roads, dry acacia, responsive farmers. Nothing radically innovative this film the viewer does not open, but, meanwhile, insistently, an old man patiently reminds us of the important things that we seemingly know, but from time to time (or permanently?) Forget. Immutable truths that do not deserve to be forgotten: the right to prioritize, and more specifically - on the importance of family ties; of course, hope for a comprehensive; shackled hand and foot, pride and discouraging the pain should always be left in the past, clenched into a fist, perhaps imbued with grossly swollen veins, most likely -. restless shaking
Master of unreality and the absolute surrealism, Mr. Lynch is not lost and knowingly departed from thoroughly trodden path by himself - sometimes, the truth, floating on the surface, it is also difficult to detect, as well as the judges, imprisoned in the secret depths. Simple story - just the basics. A refined touch 'linchevatosti' into the picture correctly intersperses Angelo Badalamenti, composer permanent director.
really existed David Strait, which has had the honor to become the prototype of the hero of our film, he died three years before its publication. This amazing man embodied the hero films naitalantliveyshy Richard Farnsworth, for whom this role was the last in the life cut short at the eighty-first year.
Such heroes, simple and direct, but at the same time graceful and sentimental, no doubt, have to be sealed in the immortal stories that will be told to those who are willing to listen to them. David Lynch does not hit the pathos when creating a picture that made her different from the template, and the story itself - not battered. Completely forgetting about abstraction and a favorite game of contrasts, the artist, standing aplomb, ensure strong brushstrokes portrayed - but not 'daubed' - on the fluctuating exhausted from contact with the brush canvas simple story - a simple man, but so damn special. The person to whom it was vital to find peace, all pushed the stones from the abode of the soul and relieve the depressing burden in some of the Mississippi; forgive yourself and be forgiven. The only true solution, which combines courage and sadness, and a sense of duty, would lead to peace.

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