"The Straight Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Creativity David Lynch's difficult to understand. It meanders like a snake, trying to wet slip from the viewer's attention, hisses and spits venom. Even if the story is understandable, as it was in the movie "The Elephant Man", many were not able to withstand the heavy tread of the film, from which even the most bleeding heart of rye. About muddled ginger psychedelic "Eraserhead," "Mulholland Drive" and others I humbly say anything.
Among true madness hash Lynch still found a place for "just a story." Atypical for the director's work captivates biblical simplicity. The only trick that allowed himself to Lynch, because it beat the last name of the protagonist in the title, whose name is Alvin Straight. Another thing is that pun was not preserved in the translation, and we are dealing with a "simple story" without a hint of what is, in essence, "The History of Prostova".
main character as I have already mentioned, call Alvin straight (Richard Farnsworth) - 73-year-old man, living out the years in Iowa. His daughter Rose (Sissy Spacek) is not friends with the head, and the peace of mind becomes a painting the birdhouses. One comes the sad news: Lyle, his brother Alvin, who lives in Wisconsin, had a stroke. Alvin in whatever was wanted to visit the native soul.
The film is based on real events. In 1994, the old Alvin Straight intent to see her brother Lyle in difficult for a minute. The brothers did not communicate ten years. "The biblical story - Cain and Abel" - says Alvin pastor. Simply, without details. No word on who is right and who is wrong.
The journey with smoky horizon Alvin Straight is sent to the same old as he is, the lawn mower with a funny trailer barn. He did not see, therefore, can not drive a car, and public transportation can not stand. The road from Iowa to Wisconsin had robbed him of 6 weeks. Behind the scenes plays heartfelt music, composed by Angelo Badalamenti, composer and friend of David Lynch. A bird's-eye we can see the river, the fields; Harvesters, collect that which is destined to become bread to our urgent.
understand that, in fact, this film is quite eligible for Lynch. Directed opened, turned to his roots, showed his true - simple, not a psychedelic face. Who better than Lynch withdraw now, which is so finely displayed eternal values, not pathetic grandeur of Americans! After all, he was born in a small town, his father worked in the Ministry of Agriculture and together they traveled the country. 10 years later, in June 2009, David Lynch presented a draft "Interview". This series of interviews with ordinary people, journey through the United States-long 12,000 miles and lasting 70 days. Simple stories of ordinary people. And in the 90 Lynch made documentaries "American Chronicles" - not about flying saucers and the ugliness of people, but all about the same simple foresters, farmers ...
Richard Farnsworth plays excellently. Incidentally, at the time of the shooting he was nearly 80 years old, while his character - 73. For this role, he was nominated for "Oscar". We did not have, and Farnsworth after a few months was gone. His character, Alvin Straight, fought in World War II, was a sniper. Naive toothless old man with piercing blue eyes can negotiate and bargain and easily underbid in blunt twin-mechanics, reminiscent thunderous maypole from the cartoon "Vova in the kingdom of Far Far Away." Masterpiece, by the way, the domestic animation. Remember, "two of the casket, with the same person?" Tvinpiksoidno inscribed woman who knocks down a deer. In the credits it was listed as a «deer woman» - female deer, which sounds like a dear woman. By the way, this is the second game of words. Elvin refresh and fry the meat on the fire, and took with the bushy horns magical beast. Perhaps this is so would look like in old age hero Robert De Niro in the film "The Deer Hunter».
Step by step, episode by episode, Lynch shows simplicity and self-sufficient inner strength of the crank, which travels through the endless roads of America with pedestrian speed. Temporary space of the film and travel infinity in "Simple stories" include the viewer to the biblical categories of time. It seems that the old man drove a couple of miles, stopping for the night at the roadside, and yet it turns out that he was going for 6 weeks. He does not care, he and an eternity in front and behind forever, and eternal sky above him. Thus, the biblical Jacob served Laban seven years for Rachel. And when the wily Laban slipped him squint Leah, he is still 7 years served Laban. And this story fits in the Bible in a few lines. In the same way as the simple of "Simple stories." Incidentally, in Leo Tolstoy as the Rostovs supposed Prostova, and we easily had the chance to have a simple story Ritten buy Leo Tolstoy.
See this film, he is among the most interesting and important paintings of old people. This is a great "Harry Brown" - I'm talking about a brilliant game by Michael Kane, and not about the film as a whole, as well as piercing Mikhail Ulyanov "Voroshilov arrow" Govorukhin.

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