"The Straight Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'Death scares me just because it's a very big change. But getting older - interesting. And I do not know what the worst thing about aging. Here grow old - and share the experience '! (C) David Lynch
For those for whom the name of David Lynch is known, known for his films and vision of the world, for those of his film "The Straight Story" is truly shocking cinematic revelation. There are no secrets, people from other places, slain schoolgirls sex, absurdity, darkness, welter, Elephant Man and Eraserhead. Because the story of Alvin Straight, really simple.
The same surprise awaited the audience and critics in 1999 when the film was released. One of the friends of the Lynch told David that he was standing in line at the preview, I heard from some women «Well, is it not strange that there are two director named David Lynch!» Surprise in principle understandable, because as the same David Lynch, who talks about the darkness and confusion, which speaks to us in the abstract, and only with the help of puzzles, and who can not talk about the meaning of his films, took something so touching, open and full of humanism . But in conversations with Chris Rodley (from David Lynch Book Interview:. Conversation with Chris Rodley) Lynch himself was surprised and did not understand why he could not take and take "just a story!" As Lynch said: «It's just been following the story, which I really became interested in» . But honestly, it really is an amazing story, though simple!
The story of 72-year-old Alvin Straight, living somewhere in the rural part of Iowa. When he heard that it was taking Lyle, survived stroke, he decides to forget about the fact that they are already more than ten years in a quarrel, and pay him a visit, before it is too late. But Alvin himself in poor health, poor vision, moves with the help of two canes and no driver's license. What to do? How to go? As for what is to go on a lawn mower of course! In the end we are waiting for a happy ending, which is not so natural Lynch films (or at least he had a completely different concept of happy endah). Incidentally, this is the first film of Lynch, who was assigned the rating of the rolling G (General audiences / no limit). '... and yet I did not think I'd see the day when the US Motion Picture Association will award a rating of G to one of your movies.' - Chris Rodley. ' And yet, some viewers continue to wait, that the film is about to happen something bad.' - David Lynch
history, which formed the basis of the script (which was first written not by Lynch and his producer, an editor, and at that time life companion Mary Sweeney and John Roach) is real. Some, the real Alvin Stright, in 1993, three years before his death (1920 - 1996), went to visit his brother on the mower. The world is full of strange people that come to life in the films of Lynch as a woman knocks Reindeer, and even the most simple farmers become unrealistic, which is so hard to believe that they really live among these enormous hilly space.
The actor Richard Fransuortu, has played Elvin Straight at the time of the shooting it was 79 (it was his last role), and he was at the time suffering from bone cancer. Actor himself knew no cure, but accepted the offer of the shooting and, through the pain, playing, Something Wicked, and not once during the shooting did not complain! «During filming he seemed younger and even got up from his chair with greater ease. He was proud of his work, that has been able to execute it, and was quite happy. » David says in conversation with Chris Rodley. It is also interesting and the choice of the operator. Lynch returned to the cooperation with Freddie Francis, with whom he worked on the failed "Dune", an adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel 1984. At the time of filming was the operator himself in 80, and Lynch is a counterweight that in front of the camera and behind it - the old people. The film had to give sluggishness and slowness of the two main characters - Alvin Straight and lawnmowers. That after his "Wild at Heart" in 1990 and "Lost Highway" in 1997, looks like a deliberately delayed action. But this just takes the story itself
It should also pay attention to the original name -. «The Straight Story», which can be translated as "Straight Story" (by the name of the main character.) "The simple story of Alvin Straight." Music was in charge of a permanent partner Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, whose music is the same the other (banjo, for example. And in general, country music theme).
Surprisingly touching story, which seemed no one was able to stay apart from Lynch (footage of the stars resemble similar footage of his "Eraserhead" and "The elephant Man"). Story, full of goodness and humanity breaks through tears. Now we know another Lynch (although in 2001 it will return to its dark and chaotic side "Mallhollnad drive"). Many critics have rushed this film called the work "a mature Lynch", they say, he finally grew up, grew up ... You have to know Lynch. He takes those stories that inspired it and the interest he takes history into which he falls. Most likely, this is one of the new high points that David Lynch reached through their meditation ( "20 minutes during the day and in the evening"). He will soon take place "a small samadhi." After all, "Meditation is like sex.»
This film needs to us because today it is difficult to survive in the cult of youth and money. «Alvin old man, but he is a true rebel. James Dean, only old. And like millions of others such as the elderly. We do not feel that age, from the inside, because the soul has no age. "(C) David Lynch
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