"The Straight Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I. Introduction :.
One of my favorite directors - David Lynch
He loved me not for the TV series "Twin Peaks", movies "Mallholand drive", "Lost Highway" or shorts like "Grandma" and "Alphabet". While many praised him on a pedestal of glory is for this work, I prefer longer fell movie who always called the most unusual in the career of the director, and because so called, that he does not look like all the other fruits of "creative schizophrenia».
« Straight story "(" History Strait ") - a film by which I will never forget the name of David Lynch, creator of the mysterious and sometimes frightening charades, a great joker and very attentive director
Many somehow the film seems boring, uninteresting, and. I'm sorry, that now all n rivykli to the action, the dynamic development of the plot, adventure; that there is an mania "loud" names in the controversial film, to fashion stories. In our lives more and more breaks in films, one-day, non-original and beautiful, like dolls, actors, thriving carelessly when creating movies, generated business. All this is sad
That is why in the 2000s, the so important I thought the appearance of "simple stories" Lynch
film, based on real events, carries a sense of -.. No, not philosophical, not deep - banal, but no less important. David Lynch slowly tells the audience the story, which is proving to be not so much a story about one old man, as all of us ...
II. Starry sky as a symbol of the boundless peace :.
Alvin Straight - the old man, which many in the usual provincial American town
Like any old man, he has his habits, customs, traditions - likes to sit in bar with peers, play cards, read newspapers. However, it takes almost all the inhabitants of the town, their main occupation - boredom. And the only thing they can to help out in the carotid or rainy days are - it's the memories of what it was before, a different word, memories, with a light hand to transform into were stories, gossip and stories
Like every old man Alvin, too. It has a rich past. But now it is now worried about the most. He is sick. It left him for long. He knew that everything will come to this. With age, it is more and more understood that nothing lasts forever, and this is necessary to reconcile. He may accept their fate, but because he was so interested to know what will happen to other people's fates, and because of this it is so hard, sad at heart, he wants to continue to live!
He looks at his adult daughter, clicks matches - lights up and looks in the window of his house. He remembers it a little girl. How long has it been? No, recently ... He looks at the grass near his home, gets up and with the help of two canes hobbling to the lawn mower. Why not cut the lawn? He always did that ... he loves his daughter. He will take care of it. Suppose they both pretend play, but this performance will give them an island of happiness that lasts all their lives.
Long ago, Alvin large quarreled with his brother Lyle. Since then, they are not talking to each other. We did not communicate. Do not call back. They did not exchange Christmas cards. Just stopped all relations. Now Lyle lives in another state of the country, somewhere far away. . Far
But here comes the terrible news - with Lyle happen to a heart attack
Gathering all his strength, Alvin immediately comes up with a plan of the trip through the sleepy town roads and fields in the house of his sick brother.. In the end, his brother - the only person on earth who remembers the same thing he did. As a boy they both loved to look at the starry sky - it interested them, comforting
As much as he wanted them to again see the starry sky ...
Starry Sky -. Forever, infinite and unattainable for an old man like Alvin Straight. But it serves as a symbol of peace to him, so inexorably approaching, not creeping on tiptoe behind the back, and friendly walking beside him.
How little need for happiness!
III. Actors as a guarantee of the main success of the film :
«Straight Story" is remembered thanks to the cast the game, which makes most of the components of atmospheric film. If not for the actors, it would be a documentary on the provincial towns
Richard Farnsworth (Alvin Straight) deserves enormous credit for the creation of a complex image of the old, grown wise life, man, striving to see the patient's brother, with a very curious form of transport. - mower
Important in the game Farnsworth -. it look, full of sadness and at the same time self-irony. This old man named Alvin, who is riding a lawn mower on the highway, looks around. He sees what he has always been in his life - friendly people, the field with tractors, sun, cyclists in competition. And also - the provincial towns, all resemble each other, and at the same time so adorable Alvin. When we go to these towns, all the time he fancies that he - at home, he never left. He sees all this, and realizes that soon cease to see this beautiful world. You can hate, you can complain about anything, but it is impossible not to love. When you have lived many years, inevitably begin to reasonably evaluate the world around them, separating the passing of the necessary.
Farnsworth himself a cancer patient, took the courage and audacity to make such a hero at the end of his career (the actor died in 2000), his last role was enchanting and unforgettable.
Sissy Spacek performed in the film role of the daughter of Alvin Strait. Many viewers know this wonderful actress for her role as Carrie in the eponymous film by Brian De Palma. Spacek played well his image - the image of touching a woman with dreams of a child; woman is building birdhouses; women, caring for the elderly father and with him looking at night on the starry sky
Harry Dean Stanton (Lyle Straight.) - a well-known film fans maestro minor roles. Any of his cameo is a gem of acting talent, whether it's a tiny appearance in "The Green Mile" Derabonta, playing "Sonny" Cage and Scott's "Alien". Here, too, Stanton went to a couple of minutes of screen time, but he uses it! A duet with Richard Farnsworth, he generally looks perfect. David Lynch knew, someone to take on this role.
IV. Our history :
David Lynch took the story of a old man showing through her routine of human life and, paradoxically, its value. It is not necessary to look into the mysterious jungle, look tearful melodrama plot or something to be frightened, to understand it. Many who seek the meaning of life, the search for those drowned. Alvin Straight - a man who has lived a long way to errors and corrections, - realized by the end of the way he had lived a good life - full of meaning. For, if there is someone to share their feelings, looking at the starry sky, then life is good ...
Live as you tells your heart. Live in agreement with the thoughts of the mind. Live as the law has to offer. Live as might wish to live their children. Live so that you can later, sitting in the bar of a provincial town, to analyze my life into pieces, interesting and boring, funny and horrible, wise and went on to share these pieces, stories with other people.
After all life is of the stories. The man himself makes a story
«Straight Story." - a film about us, about what we will see what awaits us in the future. The fact that there is nothing shameful or wrong with that. That is life. Such is man. This is the world. . This is the universe
main thing - do not be alone
Learn to forgive and be forgiven
Perhaps, then comes the turn of your story, a simple story ...
« most difficult in old age -.. Thoughts on youth »(Alvin Straight).
10 of 10.

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