The story of your life Essay

My heart right now is beating so fast, faster than it was in a 100 meters dash, faster than it was when talking to a girl, faster than it was in a representation in front of the whole class, faster than ever in my life, and I can feel it try to leap out of my chest. I believe that my brain just receives ‘something’ which turns on this whole sentiment. And I think... I know what that ‘something’ is because I am looking at it right now. It’s a piece of paper with fancy decorations around it, it has my name in right the middle and a little line explains why my name is there. I carefully read every single word until that period ‘.’ Honestly, I don’t even know what it’s saying but I do know that I am extremely happy. I try to run as fast as I can to my parents that are sitting on the coach. That little piece of paper says:” CHÚC MỪNG VU NGOC HUY NHẬN HỌC BỔNG”, it means I have passed, but pass what? So... about six months ago, there was a group of community that visited my school because it is the top one gifted high school in the city. They offered four portions of one-year scholarship to the United States of America. But in order to get it, you have to pass a certain amount of test and requirements. Most of us didn’t really care about it because who wants to go away from their nice family and friends just to live alone in the middle of nowhere. I did think like that too, but later at that night, I was about to go to bed and suddenly a thought pop up in my head. I thought about my daily life and then my future life, “Will it be just the same as everybody?”, I couldn’t sleep that night because of that big question mark. I told my parents the day after, they were just quiet because it’s just a thing you can say right away. I, who’s just a regular boy, doesn’t have a lot of talents or skills, I am not good at sports, not at education, or even at communication. I am so simple and I like being simple, but that makes me think different. I spent an entire half-year to study, I know I don’t like studying because I never do, but this time it didn’t seem so bad. Seven hours of sleep, eight hours of school, two hours of eating, and the rest is for what I want to learn. The whole test was about English so I must be good at it. I read more books than I did in the entire of my life, I had a job in the weekend as a waiter in a hotel so I could talk to the foreigners as much as I can. I stayed home every day after school and never went out, I stopped using Facebook and Media because it was too much of distraction. And that day came, the day I was so confident that I could hammer that test. The week after that, they announced the result, and now you may know what I’ve passed. So why did I choose to do that, to make a different choice, why not stay home with your family and hang out with friends? Because everyone is different, we are not special anymore if we all think the same, it’s not only about accepting challenges, it’s also about writing your own story from those challenges. I didn’t only pass that test but I also passed one of the big tests of my life. Don’t be afraid to try!

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