The Story Of Oedipus Summary Essay

In the plot, Oedipus was ruling Thebes after running away from Crinteh and trying to prevent his fate. he was under the impression that he was creating a new fate that would trump the words of the oracle, he was fulfilling his predestined fate. Without even knowing He wasn’t made to do anything, but his end result does bind him. He did not create his own fate, he only created his path towards his pre-determined tragedy. Throughout the plot, Oedipus wanted to find and torture the killer of Laius because he realized it would be good for his people. Prior to the story his motives were to ensure so he didn’t commit the atrocities of his fate, by avoiding his believed parents in Corinthe. The blind prophet, and his family and the Shepard tried to turn him away from his cause.

Inspire all that their attempts only for stall, and Oedipus becomes successful in learning his truth. Oedipus was a naive man. He knew his fate and tried to protect the parents who raised him by avoiding them. He also believed that his question regarding Laius’ murderer would have a simple solution of exile and that the plague on his people would go away. This solution was far from reality because the truth was heavy. He was naive and caught up and his chances of luck ran out quickly Oedipus could see visually but he couldn’t see the truth, but somehow Teiresias which was blind can see everything. Oedipus at the beginning of the play was far more extreme, seeing everything in a black and white, right and wrong perspective. In the end he was still stubborn but somehow still understands the circumstances. Him blinding himself in the end of the play is dramatically appropriate because when he found out all the truth and can truly see, he couldn’t bear to physically see everything so he blinded himself, trying save his ears/eyes from the truth He understood a lot more about life and became less stubborn. He showed his leadership by staying true to his beliefs.

The best thing from this experience was when he gained the truth that he had been running from in his life. Oedipus also learned how to be a constructive listener and the consequences of certain choices like leaving home etc. I admire Oedipus drama because the storyline is based on tragedy. He tried to fix the problem by saving his loved ones by sacrificing them. His generous plan backfired and he falls into his tragic fate of killing his father which further unravels the prophecy. Entering the throne while having his people support and love is great but it can actually hurt them this play is tragically dramatic because everything that Oedipus does even if it’s with his best intentions never ends up successful and it normally makes this worse.

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