The story of my life Essay

When a child born is the responsibility of the parents to nurture them with unconditional love and care. Every parent does there best to make sure that their child will not suffer from anything and always protect us from the darkness of this world. The same way, one of the legendary and the most inspirational person in the world “Helen Keller” mentioned about her parents in her novel. We always care about those things which we do not have and forgot about things that we have. This what the inclined slope of life and greed. Helen tries to explain this beautifully in her biography. We cannot imagine the world if we lose any once sense from our five senses. However, Helen proves this wrong by her happiness and knowledge she gained after turning her misery and grief into rejoicing. She fought for every single thing which stood in his way to happiness. Helen Keller once said, “Keep your face to the sunshine, and you cannot see a shadow.” This what somewhere right, if keep thinking about the misery and the agony of our life then we cannot see the real beauty of the world. So, move on and think about the next sunshine which will surely fill your life with full of happiness and cheers. The most remarkable novel The Story of My Life by Helen Keller is a lovely biography about the supremacy of love, language, and knowledge. It was miserable and chastening to hear Helen pronounce how despairing she was to connect with people. Since Helen was deaf and blind, she would go into wrath after being so unfulfilled that no one could comprehend her. That smash into a home with me. In college, I babysat a 5-year-old boy who could not talk for the reason that he had cerebral palsy. He could make response yes or no to my questions by trembling or nodding his head. This fiction book secured his position in the best fictional book of 2016. However, we also experience the grief and anguishment which some time tear us apart. There were times when I quizzed every question I could think of, and he would break down in tears of blocking – just like Helen Keller labelled. It was distressing to see. When the boy I babysat went to school and learned more multifaceted sign language, he lit up. I still recall the first time he was able to tell me a story. He was tanned with joy. Helen Keller’s story of education was very touching to me since it similar to the knowledge that the boy I knew had. The cycle of the education system which says that after high school we should pursue our graduation to enable our nerves with the beauty of knowledge. We get excited when we imagine the world after high school which always gives us the hope of a better world; a new world is waiting for us. We pack our bags and get ready for the shopping for our college and try to do everything that a college student does. However, for Helen, that word college is mean something else. She just wants to enhance her personality and gathered knowledge from that master of educations, i.e. our teachers. Moreover, that one teacher plays a significant role in her life. How she was bright to learn, the language was very stimulating to read about. Meanwhile, she was old to enough to recall the experience of sympathetic words for the first stretch. Her teacher, Annie Sullivan, cast-off a technique of teaching with Helen that had never been done before. The tutoring behind how Annie trained language to somebody who could not hear or see was captivating. She had to break down and think about how kids frequently learn the language and translate it into the right mind that Helen had admittance to. She realised that kids obtain expression through simulated and through audible range it all day long every day. So Annie would hex words into Helen’s hand all day long about the whole thing they were doing even. However, Helen did not know what the words destined yet. Helen is erudite that words signified the things that she could touch. It was a bittersweet instant when Annie tries to teach Helen what love is and Helen cannot comprehend why her teacher will not display it to her. This book is counted in the popular books. Before appraisal this, I had never realised how important books would be to Helen Keller. They were an enormous part of how she skilled a world that she could not see or hear. She spoke about books as if they were her families. That motivational spirit claimed the title of 10 best novels of all time and best fiction books to read. Since reading had such an impact on her, she often pronounced things the way that someone could see would. She would explain trees as green even supposing she had never seen the colour green since that is what books labelled them as. That being alleged, I noticed that many her metaphors – especially of the countryside – centred on their scent and felt. Helen’s words make this book the most popular books and best sellers fiction at that time.

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