The storming night Essay

The Storming Forest (290)

One day on Halloween my group of friends and I went trick or treating together, it was storming as long as I remember it had stormed. Maggie and I had gone as Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. She was Little Red and I was the wolf because she won rock paper scissors. Maggie and I had been friends since kindergarten when we were in Miss. Johnson’s class. We had always been the most curious in our class. We always wondered why it stormed and what caused the storms. We went up to a house and said “trick or treat” and got a full size candy bar because the lady that lived there loved our costume.

Once we got to the end of the street there was a forest, we had always been warned not to go in. Some bullies from school came up behind us and started making fun of us, one of them grabbed Maggie’s cape and through it into the forest. Maggie immediately chased after it. I immediately chased after her yelling for her to slow down and come back. Maggie was faster than me and got out of my view pretty quickly. It was dark in the forest so I took out my phone flashlight. I tried sending Maggie a text but she didn’t respond. It was kind of creepy in the forest. I kept looking around for Maggie and then I saw some color.

I moved towards it and saw it was Maggie’s sweater. I was about to reach down and grab it but as soon as I did I heard a loud… high pitched…. scream!

It was Maggie I had to find her. Then I saw a light it was a faint warm light. It looked like it was a house. I walked towards it to see if anyone was there our had seen Maggie. I knocked on the door an old lady answered almost immediately.

She asked “What do you want child”

I asked her if she had seen a girl dressed in red about my height. She invited me into her house because it was storming. Then she asked my if I wanted to see something down stairs. She said

“Be careful on your way down” then I felt a push and remembered falling.

I could not remember anything else until I woke up in a small stone room with nothing I could see in it except for Maggie! Then a tv flashes on and startled both of us. It was the old lady.

She said “Why are you two here? To try to stop me from making any more storms?”

Maggie and I gasped! She was the one making all the storms?! Then the old lady said

“Well it doesn’t matter anyway this room will get smaller every 15 minutes before it is just to walls next to each other.”

When she got off of the tv Maggie and I were terrified and we wondered what we would do. Then I remembered that I still had my phone I texted my friends and called the cops.

The lady must have been watching us because the room started shrinking by the minute.

Then we heard a knock and then a loud bang, we prayed it was the cops. Then out of nowhere a door appeared we ran out of the room and walked back into her house we couldn’t see anyone but didn’t really look we just ran as far as we could away from the house and never looked back.

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