The space games Essay

Olivia wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. There was a knock on the door. “Honey? Could you get the door?”, shouted her mom. “Ok, mom!”, yelled Olivia’s older brother, James, from the couch. As he got up, Olivia got a bad feeling. “Wait! Don't open the door!”, she screamed! “I have to, Livi.”, said James as he opened the door. “Mom! Help!”",she screamed. Then everything went black. Chapter 1 When Andie got out of the kitchen, they were already gone. She was a single and underaged mom who worked four different jobs. Now on top of that, her children were kidnapped! Just then, she noticed a tiny slip of paper on the floor. It said, Don't worry. Your children are fine. We need them to train for the Interplanetary Wars. If they survive, they will get their first earth leave when they are sixteen. You are able to face-call and text them once every week for the next two years. After that, you may only write letters once every month. -- the International Space Force (ISF) “Great!”, said Andie. “Now they’re kidnapped AND might die! Of course, I can’t do anything about it because it's a government run agency. Maybe Olivia still has her phone. I’ll try calling her.” as Andie picked up her phone, she realized she was being delusional and that it was no use. They would have either confiscated or shut down both of her children’s phones. Well, She thought, at least they’re together. It's going to take a lot of time to get used to living alone. The last thing James remembered hearing was his sister screaming for help. Wait. Where was Olivia? “Olivia? Olivia? Are you in here?”, he asked. Also, where was here? he thought. “Your sister is not here at the moment”, a deep voice said. “ she is undergoing testing like you will have to go through in a few minutes.” “Who are you?”, asked James. “No one you need to know”, said the voice. “Fine. Be a secret and mysterious father.”, said another, more high pitched voice. They both had a strangely faint robotic sound. “Hi. I'm Lola! And my dad’s name is Mark, but you will call him Commander Dun. Even I have to call him that even though I'm his daughter. Humph. Oh. And I'm your sister and Commander Dun is your father. We left right when this school was done being built. You were seven years old. Oh, by the way, me and Olivia are twins. Dad wanted me to grow up on the battlefield. And I did. You’d be surprised about how violent I can be for being twelve AND really tiny. “Ok. Why am I here though?” asked James. “I don't even know where we are!” “Oh! I forgot! You are on a ship going to Mars. We will be on this ship for nearly a year. Well, if we don't use the latest feature, TurboSpace. If we do use TurboSpace, it will be thirty days. This ship is the latest model of the Spacers. It is 1300 square feet.” said Lisa. “Believe it or not, this only takes one gallon of power fuel. With you being an apprentice mechanic and all, I bet you can appreciate that.” “Yea-- wait. How do you know that?” said James. “We have our ways”, said Commander Dun. Okay. These people are creeping me out, thought James. I never had a long lost sister. And my dad died right after Livi was born. I went to his funeral. He does look a lot like me though. And Livi and Lola do look identical. Honestly, when I first saw her, I thought it was Livi for a second, but she had different clothes. And a different posture. “It's time for testing”, said a new voice. Ohnoohnoohnoohnoohno! panicked James. He got up to go with the other voice. Following the voice, he walked to the door. But before he reached the door, he tripped on an unknown object and everything went black for the second time. Where am I? Where are Mom and James? Am I dead? Is this heaven? A flood of questions rushed through Olivia’s mind. She opened her eyes and immediately closed them. The bright lights of the room she was in were enough to give her a migraine. “Oh good. She’s awake”, said her dad. Wait what? She thought. My dad is dead. He died in a car crash when I was a baby. Well, I suppose it is not my dad. He has a strange metallic voice.

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