The Social Imagination For Immigration Essay

The concept of the sociological imagination was presented in the year 1959 by a man known as C. Wright Mills. He described sociological imagination as the act of understanding the relationship that lies between ourselves and the society around us. Mills argued that various factors from the society usually influence the behavior or the decisions that we make; likewise, he also argued that the decisions or actions that we take do only directly affect us but also the society at large. For instance, one can decide to start exercising because they want to better their health, they may also be influenced by peer pressure or the society that they live in. The effects of exercising improve the health of the individual which is a personal effect, and also increases the productivity of the company that they are working in, seeing that they become more efficient and productive in their workplaces, which is a society effect. The essay below will look at the social imagination perspective of immigration.

I recently moved to Canada, as an international student to advance my education in the higher education level. I have to admit that at first, I was very anxious about my stay in Canada. I felt like I was intruding into the space of Canadians. However, after using the social imagination theory to look at how my presence will impact the citizens of Canada, I have now become for confident and now feel more at home in this new country. I recently discovered that my immigration in Canada will not only bring benefits to me directly but also to the citizens of Canada.

For instance, most of the students such as myself and others that come to Canada for higher education are usually the bright. Once we finish our school most of us will most likely look for employment in companies based in Canada. Should I get a job in one of the companies based here, I promise to work efficiently and diligently and so will the rest of the immigrants. This will facilitate the growth of the companies that we work in. The growth of companies usually will have two significant effects. One, the growth of a company is likely to enable the company to open expansion new branches. Having extra branches will, therefore, present new employment opportunities for the citizens of Canada and also other immigrants thus reducing the rate of unemployment. The reduction of unemployment, will therefore, lead to the increase of security in various regions of Canada, seeing that everyone has a stable source of income hence there will be no need for crimes. Secondly, the growth of companies in Canada will increase the GDP of the country, which will thus increase the number of exports in Canada which will lead to the stabilization of the economy. A stable economy will lead to the reduction of the cost of living which will ultimately raise the standard of living for the citizens. Further, while I’m here, I will also have to look for a way to earn an extra amount of money by doing jobs such as babysitting, cleaning in restaurants, and many more. Hence, the presence of immigrants such as us will reduce the amount of workload distributed among the Canada citizens. This will reduce the fatigue that the Canadian citizens go through while working hence improving their health. Also, offering services such as baby feeding will help the Canada citizens to concentrate more on their work which will make them more efficient in their workplaces and thus make more money.

In conclusion, the use of the social imagination theory has helped me a lot in being confident in Canada after seeing how my presence will not only benefit me but also the citizens of Canada regarding the social and economic life.

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