"The Sixth Sense" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I still find it strange that this film at all was in the Oscar shortlist for this film award because it is quite atypical. For example, the thriller "Silence of the Lambs" won in 1992, but it is almost the only representative of the genre in the history, which took the main prize. Typically, these films even in the nomination did not fall. Yet, obviously, the old conservative academics find in this movie something for themselves.
Perhaps the reason is that the film is actually quite profound. It's about unfinished business. On the tragic fate. About how difficult it is not to be like everyone else. The fact that people close to you always understand and support. And yet - that 'even the most terrible need help. " In principle, this could be a classic Oscar drama about a child's psychological problems, parents going through a divorce, but the authors have gone a little bit different, unusual way.
However, all in the movie, in my opinion written above, is not important. It does not look like a red thread, but rather a dotted line in the web scene. And we all - not academics, not critics, and ordinary moviegoers - love this film rather than for meaning, and for the same plot twist, not prospoyliv which is very difficult to write a review (but I still try). Indeed, this is one of those cases where the knowledge of the trick, stealing 80 percent of the pleasure of viewing. This is a movie at once. Not in the sense that bad. Just an unexpected plot twist is its foundation. I think there were viewers who immediately guessed that here's what, but I'm not one of them. And maybe that's why he made such an incredible impression on the first viewing, there was a desire to put him 10 out of 10, but when you recall a lot of questions. I will give only those that can sound without spoilers.
Here's an example of how Dr. Malcolm even know about the boy Cole and that he has a problem? Why
boy was not surprised when Malcolm said that they had appointment if it is clearly no one appointed?
If Malcolm himself learned some information about the patient 'roundabout' way, then do it yourself it did not seem strange to you? If for some reason he did not pay attention to the rejection of his associates, writing off of the fact that he broke away and became absorbed in the work, the fact of the abduction of their patient file (which, obviously, took place), would have alerted him.
where he was going to arrange the reception boy? To come to his house all the time? And he himself is not guarded?
As for his behavior hurt his wife. Had he never tried never even talk to her? Why
all the ghosts who died long ago, dreadful and terrible, and only one looks fine, although also died a long time and a violent death?
How is it that the ghost know, they do not know they are dead? And if they know about it, and they need help the boy, why it has not been directly asked? And if you do not know how we can speak about what they want his help? In them after the death of atrophies and is no longer part of the person responsible for social contacts (laugh track)?
What do ghosts? It casts the soul or memories? As far as they are material? And if they are not material, how can contact with objects? And if you are in contact (as they clearly are in contact), then why do they need to help the Earth boy?
Questions, questions. .. Of course, this is all you can try to explain, but in general, is the number of questions is a feeling that with the logic of the story is not so good, and it spoils the finish. At some point even starting to think that you just cheated, palming off in a nice wrapper you know that ...
However, there are a number of scenes set just fine. First, they go unnoticed existence of a 'double bottom'. You just see a doctor who moves away from friends and family, going deep into the work to redeem himself, and only later history puts everything in its place. And that moment of awareness of how, what and where is spread here, is the most critical moment of pleasure.
So, in general, the picture well conceived and executed, addictive, allows to survive the necessary emotional catharsis. But it claims to mystical component missing, while dramatic in general nothing unique. So the question for academics: why, of all films shot in different years in this genre, they liked it so much was this? After all, the idea is not fundamentally new, and story logic is not perfect. Maybe it's the emotions and genres of art techniques, through which all of the above is able to take a back seat? But why so few films of this genre in general nominated for the award 'Oscar'? There are a lot of good pictures that can cause the desired emotions, and uses a similar artistic and scenic tricks. Why make an exception for this? It is a pity that I did not know the answer.
7 of 10

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