"The Sixth Sense" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It's amazing that not very long tape, which director and screenwriter Night Shyamalan put a list of ideas, thoughts, situations does not cause sensations travel bag, stuffed to the eyeballs different things. Creasy no sense, but on the contrary a certain prolixity.
Given that under the sixth sense in everyday life just understand intuition and less other paranormal phenomena, the name of the picture can be taken as a direct indication of the unusual ability of a boy who is trying to help the protagonist psychologist ( Bruce Willis). On the other hand, this is a reference to all the understanding the concept of the afterlife and our world and, most importantly, the close connection between them, which to us is a Hindu Night Shyamalan. And you can take and how the whole set of emotions experienced by the characters, including unusual and associated with the other.
Shyamalan picture really conveys a wide range of feelings. Problems of her characters very versatile. On the one hand, a child psychologist, who feels guilty because of the patient, who was not able to help. And like the fate of the hero Willis gives a second chance - to cure another child with the same problem. Help him means to redeem own sin. On the other hand - his relationship with his wife, who obviously suffer from excessive work commitments. Hero Bruce like between a rock and a hard place. Right - feeling for his wife, to the left - a sense of guilt, empathy and debt to the boy
second main character -. The boy with supernatural powers. Before we played the classic difficulty experienced by such people, and especially children. Contains not only all the difficulties of adaptation, communication with the outside world, but first and foremost to do with his own gift, which at first makes its owner fears and perceived it as a heavy excessive burden. And only the miraculous intervention of a psychologist may help curb student's own ability
third protagonist -. It is perhaps all the other world in all its diversity. Shyamalan raises not only the subject of experiences of people associated with the loss of relatives, but also the experiences of those who left. The director shows the life after death as a kind of a special form of life itself, where people are just as well see everything that is happening in our world, where they also feel and worried about us and trying to still something to influence in our world. What happens in one world affects the other and vice versa. And in this sense, it is the boy is thus a conduit between two realities.
Despite the fact that many rightly marveled at how skillfully Knight leads the audience by the nose until the very end but probably surprise most of them, for me all taki in this movie Hindu much higher as a writer than as a director. Screenwriter Shyamalan - is an extraordinary gifted master, while the director Shyamalan -. It is capable of, no doubt prepared, but still artisan
seems that everything is perfect - like a seasoned director magician but the very last moment deftly avoids even the slightest possibility of exposure and creates truly shocking finale. It seems that Bruce Willis played one of the most important of their roles. It seems to be Haley Joel Osment - is indisputable discovery of the year, deserved an award, by the way, the corresponding MTV award. But this, of course, a big mistake was admitted to the choice of actress for the role of the boy's mother. Toni Collette in the movie rather more like the bitchiness red-haired heroine of the TV series 'Happy Together' Dasha Bukin, rather than suffering a single mother. That's really who went perfectly used for the role, so it is probably Naomi Watts. But the most important thing is that you can not help feeling that the picture is visually striking in very moderate. None except the final something that we have not seen before. That is based on the display of small details, Shyamalan gradually reveals outstanding abilities boy, we've seen before, and more than once. Entourage, the scenery, the atmosphere and does not cause a sense of something undeniably impressive, new, not previously encountered. Sparks or not, or it is too small. The director is important to either each, or most, or at least in the central scenes to find the artistic technique that is guaranteed to shock the viewer and make remember the scene for a long time, but during the 'sixth sense', as mentioned above, sometimes too measured, quiet . There is a feeling of boredom and mild tightness.
Interestingly, by the way, that in the future in his works Shyamalan, apparently tried to remedy the lack of entertainment and also filmed mostly mystical paintings, with far more emphasis on the desire to amaze and impress the viewer. But he, apparently, much worse scenario began to study why the majority of his following films have suffered from a lack of any logic or from similarity to other films. So we wish this bright creator in the future to find the same balance between the depth of the film and its spectacular nature.
Overall, decent, This psychological drama with elements of mysticism, of course, deserves a solid 8.5 out of 10, but her incredible ending, perhaps, nevertheless displays a 'sixth sense' to the level of near-perfect film with the assessment 'excellent', while not reaching for 'masterpiece' title.
9 of 10

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