"The Sixth Sense" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I have to say, I really liked the movie "The Sixth Sense", in spite of the color of my reviews. It really is a great mystery novel, which looks very hard. The entire film is permeated with this spooky atmosphere: all the characters speak in a whisper measured, no sudden movements, there is a pair of Screamer, and most importantly, all the time does not back this feeling of fear of something. This I believe is a great achievement director Shyamalan, I do not remember such a film that really could have from the beginning to the end to hold the mystical atmosphere of fear. It is also a tremendous achievement, it is the main character - a boy Cole, how did he get really cool. About him often say "a good actor's game," but I do not like this term, because it reminds me in once again, about the production of what is happening. Therefore, I will say this, the image of the frightened and unhappy boy, turned out just fine. This is the best children's character in the movie that I have seen. Well, Bruce Willis is also good, he showed that he too dramatic roles are, the local Willis has no relation to the "Die Hard", so that all the lads.
But when I saw the film, I realized that he there are serious problems that do not spoil it, but make a few discomfort. And these problems are associated with the famous final turn (which would have impressed me, if living in the era of the internet, where it's just me not prospoylerili). This turn, yes, shocking, but it raises many questions for the story! I will try to explain without falling into spoilers:
1) If protogonist whoever he is, he got out of the hospital, where he had to bring after the initial incident. After all, he was to be examined by a doctor, talk to him, make a diagnosis, it was supposed to visit a loving wife and wait for it after (not immediately, they had a falling out). But all this could not be, if he is the one who he is, in the end. And he could not help but notice!
2) wife. If they love each other, then not immediately, they had a falling out. They were supposed to say. But this again, the same can not be if he is the one who he is, in the end! How could he not notice it all the time that it did not contact his wife! He does not care?
3) How to explain it to me, he would not notice that he is not a subject on which he realized that he is who he is, in the end? Hand, this is not the waist, not to see her, he did not see his own hand?
4) As he went to the boy? His mother had advised, he had to talk with someone that agrees to work. But this could not happen if he is the one who he is! Since he came to the boy?
5) If he is the one who he is, how he is all the time ate, drank and went to the toilet! After all, he should not be this need, and he had to feel it, and embarrassed. And even if he did it all by force of habit, he also had to communicate with the sellers or to feel the taste of food. But if He is who he is, he could not do it, and how could he not notice?
6) The strangest moment !!! The scene where he sits in front of the boy's mother. As he entered? After all, he had to ring the doorbell, he had to open, he had to say "Hello", he should have been invited. But if he's the one who he is, he could not do it, because it went?
7) Are any of the others did not bother the boy, sometimes speaks with a void (but you will understand why!). The church, for example, where there were people. Did my mother did not hear it in the apartment talking to someone? People on the street did not notice the 9-year-old boy boomy under his breath. Why to HIM no one goes throughout the film? At least after an incident at a birthday party, because it is a child psychologist.
This is only a small part of the questions that I have arisen after the twist. They demolish the whole story. Why the "Fight Club" and "Shutter Island" did not destroy the picture of its twist, and "The Sixth Sense," a story sewn with white thread. But the longer I thought about the film, the more I have, and other issues arise.
1) Why Cole does not speak with his mother about his gift. She loves him, he did, too, so he told her very first had to tell about his curse. But he, for some reason, it does not.
2) Who will say that he and others said they did not believe him about it. But who then? Psychologists, teachers? So they had to tell his mother, she may not be aware of.
3) And why his mother did not do anything for the child. Again, based on the twist, we know, for some reason, she could not bring protogonist. Therefore, what she was doing to help your child? She was not embarrassed that the boy needs psychological help, because he is all intimidated? And by the way, it is not surprising how Cole could so quickly stir all the drawers in the kitchen, and even those to whom he physically could not reach?
4) The scene in the hospital. Okay, Cole realized that before him dead. But he realized that the dead see only what they want to see?
5) The dead do not know that the dead, but really they are not embarrassed by what that little boy who sees them and responds to them? He did not push them to any thoughts?
6) Why is the beginning of all the dead are angry and aggressive. But as soon as protogonist advises Cole advice they are immediately in the course of the good, and ready to contact
Conclusion:. I do not give up their words, "The Sixth Sense" is a wonderful film that is worth everyone to see, for directorial debut is a great step at all. But this is a case where the film is held only by the charisma of the characters and strong directing. Because if you start to disassemble the plot, it is possible to each scene discuss and observe as it does not fit, unfortunately but the plot of "The Sixth Sense", as one obzorschik (not talking about the movie): "shit is so white thread that they seem transparent" .
8 out of 10

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