"The Sixth Sense" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Malcolm Crowe ( Bruce Willis ) - a child psychiatrist who has just received a promotional letter from the city of Philadelphia, for achievements in the preservation of the family. After some time with him is an accident after he is visited by one of the former patients, who he once was unable to help. Recovered by the fall, he goes to a boy named Cole ( Haley Osment ), who suspiciously reminds him of the very aggressive patient, from the appearance and ending with small details, like the fact that his father had just left family. Malcolm called to treat the child, while the boy's illness when a doctor starts to sharply progress to full-fledged hallucinations. Cole says that he sees dead people who behave as in life, not paying attention to what they lost. Crowe tries to rid Cole of what necessarily translate into a serious stage of schizophrenia with age in parallel suffering from what his wife, after the incident, does not pay attention to it, and they do not talk.
Brainy film M. Night Shyamalan, which causes the gears inside the skull noticeably twisted. Do you know many budget thrillers, which would have collected in the vicinity of 620-640 mln. Dollars at the box office? In 1999, when the film was shot, he went to see, if not all, almost everything, and talked about it all exactly. In my opinion, much noise was mainly due to the ending, which is, in fact, leaving Cole sick, but Malcolm is still possible to help him. It is necessary to have a certain courage to complete the picture almost in the same place where it started. Moreover, it is sensible to portray, bring logic to such a development, to pull all the tails of the other and make the audience satisfied with the answer. The script is so laid out that Cole's relationship with his mother Lynn, facing away from the main plot, is genuine interest. Why? But the fact that Cole also tries to talk to her mother as little as possible, not sharing with her his illness until the last minute and did not want her to consider herself the mother of a freak. The boy is much more afraid to mess up her life than a disfigured people who periodically come to talk to him
This is a good time to highlight another strong point of the film -. Emotions. Usually, thrillers play on human suspicions and innuendo. Where it went a neighbor during the night? Where in my bathroom bloodstains? What was that sound is now in the closet? "The Sixth Sense" also went the other way, laid out for the viewer all the cards on the table, they say, so and so, so dead that haunt Cole everywhere, wherever he appeared, but Malcolm, who literally ignored for obvious reason. There are no secrets, everything at a glance. Take off is someone else, not Shyamalan, probably all would have slipped into a boring psychological drama about the troubled child, but instead we mystique and mystery that you must unravel Malcolm and Cole, if the latter does not want the age of 20 to be in a madhouse. It must be understood that it is necessary from the boy ghosts and ghosts if at all, where to find answers to questions such as why they are about something just ask Cole and why he sees only killed, but died a natural death - is not. Of course, all this was easy and will not be constantly at the boy will be tantrums, seizures, and sometimes even natural pleas. In a standard situation, the viewer will need to a child everything was fine, but for the sake of suspense and draw all possible. Here you will wish that everything was resolved as soon as possible, because the place on Cole look very, very hard (for example, a scene where he is after the next seizure will be in a hospital bed, which tells Malcolm finally, what happens to him and ask for psychiatrist to remain until he goes to sleep).
is necessary to remember and about the casting, which is largely responsible for all these delicate turns, because the same Haley Osment, who played Cole, it is necessary to put a monument as most worthy of the character-child seh that ever existed in the film. All that he says with his trademark whisper, to the bone at the time. Osment shows what a child who lives in a world with his illness: almost does not cry, does not really believe in a better future, is skeptical of anything that says and promises him Crowe. He passed the stage of desperation, replacing it all on curiosity and humility. His face, ghosts should appear, it does not distort the horror and confusion (with the exception of people who have been killed violently. When I saw the first time a girl who bully during his illness jealous stepmother, he nearly turned gray). As the central party, children very rarely turn out well. Cole is no problem attracting attention not only by the fact that he - a man possessed by visions of youth, but a way of thinking that Haley remarkably sustained from beginning to end. On the Bruce Willis, not yet bald and without glued to the hand gun is also nice to see. Malcolm, of course, significantly inferior to Cole in monologues (and more stories related to his wife), but the dialogue between him and the kid are here damn emotional. Since the doctor sees Cole as a way to justify their actions in the past, he very carefully refers to his little friend, wanting to at all costs not to repeat the sad occasion of his former patient. At some point, it becomes clear that Dr. Crowe replaced Cole lost his father, and everything went well beyond the standard, so to speak, receive
«The Sixth Sense» -. The original, mystical detective thriller that sacrifices fear in favor of speculation, forcing the viewer while sitting on the edge of his chair. Maybe Shyamalan with his uncovering several cards and overdone, but even guessed about everything, you can hardly get up from a chair in the middle of a session. Painfully pleasant movie leaves behind. Naturally it is recommended to fans a fresh look at things already known.
8 out of 10

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