"The Sixth Sense" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Most natural Indian M. Night Shyamalan, a native of the country of elephants and tea, did not take off at home a single film. Even his debut project, the drama "Fierce Prayer" (1992), though staffed by Indian actors, it is listed as produced in the United States. As his second film, a little-known comedy "The Awakening" (1998). Worldwide fame and his status as one of the most enigmatic filmmakers of Hollywood Indian received a third call, a year later, when he brought a new orbit of Bruce Willis by removing balding hero kinoboevikov in a creepy psychological thriller "The Sixth Sense».
picture begins to become the director of this kinosensatsiey instantly providing his orders for the next ten years. Impressive (under $ 300 million) box office nearly eight times blocked the production costs, in fact, chamber bands, and six Oscar nominations (of which, however, the film Shyamalan got a fig and butter) and participation in the program of the Cannes Film Festival finally approved director with the rank of best newcomer of the season.
success cheered as director and screenwriter (Shyamalan himself wrote the script to all of its projects, except in the aforementioned "Awakening" and "The Last Airbender") he soared n hell the ground and became a regular basis, at intervals of every two years, to spit on the court next Project viewer with pretensions to mystery. And everyone knows that nothing sensible since "The Sixth Sense," M. Night also more and no demonstrated, although there are fans and his "mysterious forest" and "sign", and even the Meaningful, in its stupidity "Phenomena" . Breakthrough in 1999 and to this day remains unshakable top creative director that, over time, more and more convinced the audience in the accident occurred.
... Baggy American Malcolm Crowe has a rare, but very rewarding profession to society. He - a child psychiatrist, that is struggling with many fears and disorders of their young patients, ranging from a simple fear of darkness to mental deviations associated with their parents' divorce. The work is not dusty, but terribly responsible, because the risk of minor problems grow with time in dreadful consequences. So, in general, and what happened when one of the former patients entered into the house of your doctor and put a bullet in the stomach just for the fact that he was unable to help him in his childhood.
recovering from an illness, Malcolm faced with the same case in his practice. The little boy, living in inadequate family is under the pressure of their own fears. It turns out that the young Cole is constantly faced with the manifestations of the underworld. Ghosts and ghosts nightmares and twisted around accident boys, causing it panic and complete rejection of reality. The doctor is taken to help the boy, hoping that this time he will be able to get to the true essence of what is happening ...
The main charm of the film - in the end. Therefore, if you have, for whatever reasons, did not look, "The Sixth Sense", in any case, do not read the reviews with spoilers (and such scoundrels are found), because the whole point of the film is unexpected, turns everything upside down, finals. I must say, I was impressed just spoiled partial knowledge, but without this tape Shyamalan definitely deserves close attention.
It would seem that it was against the filmmakers. Suffice tyagomotnoe narrative, where most of the film dialogues take the doctor and the patient. Great for movies of this genre a budget of $ 40 million, a significant part of which went to fee the star Bruce Willis. Yes, and the old Bruce, who is known to be the same as the bank, too abruptly abandoned his combative appearance and turned into a bald demure psychiatrist with obvious signs of Tom Hanks on his face. Add to this picture in the dark tones and some really frightening scenes more typical for horror films, and obtain products which movie theaters are reluctant to leave the first sessions in his repertoire.
But in spite of everything "The Sixth Sense" was waiting for a huge success, and all thanks to slim, smart and delicately written out script, makes the viewer almost two hours to spend in suspense stunning denouement. Incidentally, since the methods of many directors Shyamalan picked up, so at the end of twelve years, this trick in store no longer looks fresh and inspiring, but then he impressed many. Much more than the proverbial focus on pennies. The director tried in vain to repeat the maneuver in each succeeding creation, but ceased to feel the moment and always inclined towards the most obvious and therefore banal solutions.
Despite all the gloom and terror that are happening in the picture, in fact, this kind of film the complexities of human relationships and the fear of the inevitable end, which sometimes occurs earlier than we would like. Heroes lot of talk about death, but these conversations are not intended to scare the viewer, and help to understand. Hollywood often experimenting with the other subjects, but little can be done when it is thin and without excessive pathos or unnecessary frills. "The Sixth Sense", being almost detective genre is actually smarter than it appears at first glance. And the only reason I want to now be reviewed periodically.
At the risk of incurring the wrath of the fans, I note that just Bruce Willis in the film was "not sewn mare's tail." That is, of course, it was interesting to see how the aging "Die Hard" and savior vsiya Earth ( "The Sixth Sense," published a year later, "Armageddon") drastically change the role, but the spectacle, I tell you, went bleak. Actor some reason decided to make judgment and pedantry to frozen on the face mask, behind which any emotion guessed easily. I agree with other critics that the young talent Haley Joel Osment was a head taller than his eminent partner. But Willis shrewdly secured a good life, not only received a multimillion-dollar fee, but also knocking with producers with interest charges.
«The Sixth Sense" was not lucky at the award Oscars. Picture of a little-known Indian director was in the company of "American Beauty" and Sam Mendes' The Green Mile, "Frank Darabont. By the way, both competitors and to this day are in the rankings is much higher (in the first hundred of the best films in history) than "The Sixth Sense", but on the financial results inferior to the tape Shyamalan almost doubled. This is certainly not an indication of when it comes to the "Titanic" or the finale of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings", but kinoakademiki always tended to discriminate against the leaders of the box office in the issuance of awards. But the absence of the film awards for the best script can be attributed to slips Oscar, of which, however, has so much that of the offended can put together a battalion
Verdict:. One of the best thrillers of the last twenty years. Shyamalan, inspired by the work of Alfred Hitchcock, was able to fully comply with the moment the great master of suspense. Despite the lack of ductility of the narrative and dynamic action scenes, the picture looks the same breath, and fully justify the expectations placed.
8 out of 10

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