The Significance Of Setting Goals Essay

It’s significant to set goals because they assistance us in believing in who we are. Goal setting isn’t just about planning for our future and counting ourselves responsible. It is about giving someone the motivation they need to aim for things that they want in their life. Allowing you so setting goals for yourselves is a way to fuel our ambitions. Although there are many reasons to set goals, I think setting career goals is one of the most vital. This is because currently I am creating a career goal I need to think about things such as academic goals, career goals itself, and my personal goals. One of this first process to set career goals is to create academic goals. My first academic goal is keeping my grades up and graduating from high school. This is a very important step for my future. I will maintain this goal by studying extra hard and completing all my work with one-hundred percent confidence. I know I’ll meet this goal when I get my diploma in my hands. This goal should take about nine months or till the end of my senior year of high school. Lastly, my long-term goal is getting into a nursing program and graduating with a bachelor’s in nursing. This is one of the biggest steps towards my career goals. I will achieve this goal by doing everything in the admissions process to get into program. Then doing everything in my power to get great grades and get my diploma. I know that I have reached my goal when I do get that diploma. These are all very important to me.

The next significant goal is to set my career goals, itself. Firstly, I would have to finish nursing school with straight A’s, pass the NCLEX, then find a great position at a hospital where I will gain the most and best experience as a new start out nurse. I will improve my skills and knowledge. After I have experience the real world, I will find that there is more to do. I know that the healthcare environment changes often, so by elevating my skills and an attractiveness to possible employers is practical. I know that I want to earn a master’s degree in nursing. This will provide even more opportunities for me. As you can see, earning my BSN will be essential for my career. This significant achievement will be followed by become skilled at critical care and developing from beginner to expert. Everything I will do along the way will prepare me for becoming a remarkable nurse leader. I cannot skip any of these steps. Each goal of my career is vital to the next. As I plan my nursing career knowing that each step I take on this voyage is a part of a significant and thrilling mystery that will create my life and career as a nurse.

Lastly, personal goals are important to achieve when pursuing my career goals. As a nursing student I will have to learn a lot, such as personal and professionalism. I will have to learn to be committed to a lifelong learning due to medicine changes over the years or new technology is invented to save lives. I will have to make it a personal assignment to understand the basis behind everything I will have to do. I will have to be knowledgeable and an accountable patient care provider in all characteristics of the occupation nevertheless of the scenery. I will have to understand the numerous nursing theories and information from research. Then apply these understandings to practice in all phases of the nursing process. I will also have to set personal goals as a nurse. I will have to provide excellent patient care. The number one priority is patient care. I’ll have to increase my technology skills. Technology is rapidly changing. So, getting to know the technology will be an important goal. Focusing on continuing education for better opportunities is a goal. Developing interpersonal skills is important. Becoming a leader is also important to me. There are so many personal goals I can set.

Goals help us believe in ourselves and see the path we want to go in. Goals give focus. It’s like shooting at a target, you know where to aim. Goals let you see your progress. Goals keep you from distraction. Goals also allow you to overcome stalling. Lastly, goals give you inspiration.

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