The Sexism In The Course Of Education Essay

I remember when I was in grade school, my teacher always ask me to be on guard in helping my female classmates, especially in tasks that will make for them hard to do such as lifting heavy things and also do carpentry work and many more. But these tasks I believe before changes as time goes by especially in my high school life, but still, I thought that I’m just lacking with explanations till such time I learn many things in philosophy of other people regarding sexism and feminism.

Anyway, according to John R. Kazalunas “The unequal treatment of the sexes begins in the schools as soon as children enter kindergarten” (Kazalunas, 1978). Yes, even though this is his observation in the United States of America, we cannot deny that we can observe this in the Philippines, which all of us know that the culture we have today is a result of Spaniard colonizer cultural influences. Though I was born male, well for others it may look like it as a blessing like might others say, but when I’ve observed our culture, it looks that we are victims us well of this masculine culture that we have, in the form of emotions that of us can’t release easily. I remember this powerful statement came from Emma Watson “Men—I would like to take this opportunity to extend your formal invitation.

Gender equality is your issue too” (Watson, 2014). And after hearing this from her I realize that is true that gender equality is also issue in us males and if we are talking about how gender should be treated the course of education is at stake too, since education is one of the foundations of our human formation. “Despite the fact that the areas of gender and ‘race’ in education share a common concern over inequality, to date they have on the whole remained separate both at a theoretical level and in published accounts of strategic interventions” (Gewirtz, 1991). She well elaborates that there are real concerns on equality in education regarding gender discrimination, I hope my paper may help to address the issue, not to overlook, but, to overcome our views in gender discrimination or sexism in the course of education.

Since we must remember that all of us have rights that must not be dictated by any influences without basis, which will considered danger to all of us. “Freedom of choice is one of the wonderful attributes of a democracy. The democratic society in which we live, will have a direct impact on my classroom, in that it will consist of students from differing cultures, social classes, and religions” (Clark, 2004) a very clear statement on how we must run our classes every day.

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