"The Seventh Seal (1957)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

If everything is not perfect in our imperfect world, the love of perfection in its perfect imperfection.
film on religion and a different attitude to it, shot not so little. But even in spite of their specificity, The Seventh Seal Ingmar Bergman stands. Picture of the known or seen many self-respecting cinephiles. It often and thoroughly dismantled in seconds, many critics, drew analogies with biblical motifs, with other pictures of Bergman and his life experience. So, do not repeat it will be difficult, but I'll try
I am deeply convinced that the real art. (It is art - not only the cinema) does not bind to any nationality, nor religion, nor the time. Korean, or Spanish flu, Catholic or atheist, a hundred years ago, or a couple of weeks. If they hear Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, take a look at the Eiffel Tower or read "The Three Musketeers", they will get from this aesthetic pleasure. Each in its own way. Because everyone will do what they saw or read of their findings and will be in its own right.
There are also timeless movies that many years after its publication does not lose its relevance. Why? Because they raised issues that will be relevant always and everywhere. The search for the meaning of life, the search for oneself, faith in God and faith in general, self-sacrifice and awareness of impending death. Each has ever thought about these questions.
most impressed that Bergman not impose their religious beliefs spectator, he just honestly shows a different truth on the background of seemingly unconnected scenes views from different points of view on the same issue. Not raising and without diminishing any of the points of view: one of them is right and wrong at the same time. Antagonism, if not explicit, takes place between the knight Antonius Block and his squire Jons. The first - a staunch believer. The second - a convinced atheist
Crusade -. Such nonsense to what could only think of the most notorious idealist
unit 10 years spent in the Crusades.. He saw death, devastation, hunger and misery. All this is happening "in the name of God." Block tired, tired of life, tired of the horror. The war erased the meaning of his continued existence. Here come his hour. Behind him was death. The unit is not afraid of her, the only thing he asks is about the game of chess as a chance to escape. During the remaining time, it is, by all means, try to find the meaning of existence and faith. Without them, he would not be able to come on the Day of Judgment
And the time to answer these questions is very significant -. People fear end of the world. Raging plague - the worst thing that Europe is seen in that era. How people behave when they know about the imminent demise? Someone becomes an inveterate drunkard, someone prays. The behavior of the Church, to put it mildly, disconcerting. By city parades go sinners bichuyuschih themselves. These spectacles are accompanied executions Heretics and clownish Skomorokhs numbers. Revealing scene in the tavern, where the crowd was in a frenzy ready to devour any innocent Yufa, although 5 minutes ago, all devoutly baptized "in the name of God».
Is it really impossible to know God, to feel Him. Why he is hiding from us in a fog of vague promises of unseen miracles? How to believe the believers, when you do not believe even myself?
where black becomes white, good is transformed into evil. Here, the former priests, campaigned for the crusades, become thieves, and the usual atheist saves the girl from death and rape. Here the church artist convinced that the church needs to be much more frightening frescoes, rather than giving up hope. Bullied person is easier to manage. Here, among the main actors-buffoons he is the one who plays on the representation of death.
Antonius meets a young actor a family with a small child. New life. A new opportunity to bring happiness. Here it is a chance to fill our lives with at least some sense. Too much bad and senseless happened over the last 10 years. Therefore, during the second game of Block smiling death. Had he finally found faith in himself and in God?
Here is my hand. I'm moving it. Through his veins runs the blood. The sun is high in the zenith, and I, Antonius Block, playing chess with death .
Here is a group of random people breaks through the forest, encountering manifestations of fear and plague. Kara is coming. From Domesday not be saved. To somehow distract attention away from all this, the church commits the execution of a young girl who is accused of having links with the devil. Antonius and Jons have different views on this tragedy. Knight is important to know about the devil, and the squire is painful to see the physical suffering of a girl who is about to leave this world. And Antonius suddenly understands everything. He will take the right decision.
prodigal wife returned to a cobbler. Clownish play with death, and that's it. The next game of chess. Knight no longer laughs and smiles, it just all decided and accepted fate, like a samurai on the battlefield before his death. But he was not afraid and he does not doubt, because he believed. Young family gets a chance to be saved from death. Mission accomplished, Antonius is now ready to go to his last journey:
- Postponement you something gave
- Dala
- It is gratifying to hear
And a new life will be saved?. And death will come. And she will dance their strange, beautiful and terrible dancing. And this vision will miraculously escaped Yofu. And know the meaning of their existence Antonius. And will he be able to say that and believe not in vain lived life.
Not for nothing in the beginning of this review I mentioned that true art is always timeless. A week ago, in Paris, a series of acts of terrorism thundered. Killing any innocent people. For what? "In the name of God"? Nonsense! And these words says a believer. At all times there will be honest atheists, and sacrifice among the believers, and religious leaders who are ready to cash in on feelings of both. Love one another, do good and eternal, and do not dare to carry into the world of evil "in the name of God!" Thank you for your attention, I have everything.
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Instead of an epilogue
And when the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven. About half an hour. And the seven angels which had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.

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