"The Secret of Coco (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Each new cartoon studio Pixar expect, like some kind of celebration. Over the years, the guys from the infamous Californian studio presented a huge amount of wonderful cartoons. Cartoons released easily feed the kindness of their promises, the quality of performance, along with deep philosophical issues facing the foundation of each scene. And unlikely story of an ordinary boy with a guitar from a Mexican village could be an exception to the well-established creed studio happy childhood. After the appearance of a new creation legislators modern animation on the big screen, always signifies the onset of the holiday, let, in this case, and dedicated to the memory of long-dead people.
«Mystery Coco" is the nineteenth-length animated film Pixar Animation Studios, was released in light of the company Walt disney Pictures, from, of course, the titan of world animation - Lee Unkrich and his no less talented partner -. Adrian Molina
central conflict revolves around a ribbon celebrating the most important event in the Mexican mi e - Dead Day. Every year, families of these people are building home altars, bring them food, put pictures of dead relatives, line the road with flower petals and candles make that would be a special hour of the dead could find their way home for one night to see their relatives. The city hosts carnivals, full of music and fireworks. People paint their faces to mask the skeletons, prepared sweets in the form of skulls and remember their loved ones. Despite this frightening atmosphere is very good and joyful event for the whole nation.
Plot film tells the story of twelve year old Miguel Rivera, who lives in a small Mexican village in the family of a shoemaker. All its members feel the music kind of curse and set against the wishes of the boy become famous guitarist, what was his idol, beloved singer Ernesto de la Cruz. The reason for this is that once great grandfather Miguel, in pursuit of his dream of music, left the house, leaving his family to fend for themselves. Miguel does not want to put up with the fate of becoming another shoemaker in the family and wants to show his true talent. At random, on the eve of the holy feast, the guy enters the world of the dead, where he meets the souls of their ancestors. Now Miguel has to find his idol - de la Cruz before dawn and end of the holiday, otherwise it will never come back to the living world
work on the film began in 2016.. As is usually characteristic of the studio, the creators personally traveled to places that are displayed in the cartoon. Closely acquainted with the culture of the people we studied everything down to the smallest details. And because of this, we were able to create such a wonderful and memorable world. Remarkably passed all motions Miguel during his guitar, bringing them "with hands" of these guitarists. World of the dead is as fascinating as that, however strange it may sound, I want to stay in it forever. Skeletons as the creators have made mobile persons able to express emotion and left the "live" eyes, making them "more human" and more enjoyable for the viewer. In general, from a visual point of view, the film is magnificent. Although unlikely, it is possible to assert something contrary, when there is a question about the quality of the implementation of its work studio Pixar.
But all this will not have any sense or meaning, if behind such a beautiful cover, will not be truly worthy stories. Benefit and in this regard, Pixar handle one hundred per cent. Moreover, this animated film, they show that, despite previous good, but still quite mediocre "Cars 3" or frankly failed "second Cars" can still issue a grandiose things that can touch deeply. This is the story in the first place, about the importance of family and family values, and the memory of their ancestors, deep grudges, and the significance of their forgiveness, about the power of dreams and that each person must, by all means, follow this dream. Do not fear the creators of a very simple and understandable language tells the children about such unpleasant things as death and even more unpleasant, as the death of a loved one. Adults also remains plenty of food for thought and questions that the film asks rather than giving answers. After watching you will want to call your family and say how much you love them. This story is full of amazing events and unexpected turns
picture characters -. This is its main advantage. All the characters are incredibly spelled correctly. Each one is unique and interesting in their own way. For absolutely everyone experiences, during the viewing. Miguel himself particularly stands out, his companion in the world of the dead - Hector, the dog more than the symbolic name of Dante and, of course, Babulita - Miguel's grandmother. And the rest of the heroes of the famous historical figures to most ordinary citizens, no less attractive, is that they have a little less screen time. What is not in the least, is the result of an unusually high quality and incredibly strong script.
It is also very important part of the story is the music. It does not make the tape in the hard-won musical, where the characters are singing about and no, but it creates a musical film. Songs performed in the course of the story, are paintings plot engine, not a forced convention of the genre. Each musical number as much as possible organically woven into the events and is designed to somehow reveal the nature of the character, or move the plot forward in a strong rails script
«Mystery Coco." - it is absolutely a wonderful cartoon, which can cause absolutely full range of emotions while watching. Very deep and at the same time, light painting, makes one think of something close and personal to each individual. Bright and touching story about the inviolable truths such as life and death. Best animated film of the year, if not a film at all. This is undoubtedly a masterpiece and more to add there is nothing.
10 of 10

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