"The Secret of Coco (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

W okirovat or surprise can a few figures of cinema, mostly comes from those who have emerged as a guarantee. Among the animation industry giants such can be named Pixar studio that never bungled a low quality product. Of course, I know that 'Cars 2' there, but thank Lasseter - more similar to the failures in the studio was not, and indeed this franchise performed solely commercial functions, and was originally intended to create a good ground for merch (which was quite ironic to beat in the third part). But in general terms, Pixar studio can be characterized as a generator of ideas and incredible emotional stories, namely such tendencies wants any viewer. It turns out that their animated paintings often become the best among its competitors, seize numerous prestigious awards and, of course, are universally recognized. However, in recent years the studio in terms of the numbers of most of the sequels, which is a bit disappointing, because the desire to create a sequel directly indicates the occurrence of ideological crisis, albeit this is a sequel to a favorite for a long time cartoon.
E dinstvennym original project, wormed his way in the midst of sequels, become 'Mystery Coco' . In truth, for Pixar, the project was very risky, since it served as the main core themes of the traditional Mexican holiday - Day of the Dead, which is somewhat alien to a mass audience (unless, of course, he is not Mexican). A similar theme to this exploited in the film only once - in the movie "The Book of Life ', so' secret Coco 'groundlessly accused of plagiarism pictures of Jorge R. Gutierrez still in the early stages of production. But the common theme in no way implies a rip-off, and any sensible person knows it. I will not waste the letters on the comparison of 'Secrets of Coco' and 'life books', it is completely different and in their original paintings. In this situation, the atmosphere of the Dead of the Day, which is expressed in a demonstration to mark the celebration of family traditions and in turn the main events in the next world, used not just for the surroundings, it creates a situation, without which it is impossible to submit most of the plot elements. Afterlife, surprisingly, it does not cause fear and not crowded mystical chips inherent in Guillermo del Toro, but from this place there events do not become less exciting, and even vice versa - a departure from the stereotypes of the image of the other world only intensified the intrigue, which has something to surprise until the end down to the smallest details that may be of interest unless the drafters of fan theories.
D ushevnost the vast majority of works Pixar is that their creators even at maximum sur ealistichnom concept transmit numerous the vital and eternal themes through well-developed dramatic component. And for some drama Pixar animated films is hard to find an equal, when the history of the cartoon 'Up' love line reveals better than spending it all timing melodramas, and only one end of the third 'Toy Story' in its poignancy udelyvaet most modern cartoons. 'Mystery Coco' continues this tradition and continues it in the best way. You see, what business - when you go on the cartoon Pixar's movie, is already pre-prepared for the presence of tragic scenes, but when you stay after seeing in this state, which is not something that not everyone cartoon - not every film is able to leave, you can not help you realize that the creators simply outdone themselves. What really hide, I could not during a session to keep the tears, and after the session wanted to call his grandmother and say that I am very fond of her. So sincere emotions of cartoon I had not experienced since the 'Kung Fu Panda 2', and this is a sign.
E If considered 'secret Coco' in terms of social connotations, it is a feeling, if the picture is not deliberately created for children, even given the fact that the main character - a child. In addition to passing through the whole story red thread of family values, there rises a problem of success and the (im) possibility to realize his dream under the influence of various external factors, and there was a place absolutely nedetskiy topic related to show business, and popular ways to achieve it. However, perhaps the main idea of ​​this animated film is priceless memories, because we are alive, yet remember us. For such a wide variety of artistic designs, each of which is brought up to the end, I want to cry out loud bravo cartoon director Lee Unkrich, known for another excellent animated film - 'Finding Nemo'
In the remaining aspects. such as the visual part and the soundtrack, the creators of the cartoon, too, draws praise. It would seem that we can say about the graphics Pixar-ovskih cartoons, which is already expected, gorgeous? Believe me, you can. For the sake of the audience a better feel for the painstaking work of animators, the studio decided to learn the latest technology and update software. Every frame is saturated and rich in the brightest colors, and with the appearance of colorful monkeys and giant jaguar with wings and then the eyes rejoices. Impressions from the musical accompaniment, which is responsible for the composer 'Ratatouille' and 'zootopia' Michael Giacchino, incredibly strong, the melodies so much take for life, that just does not convey in words, and the fiery Mexican rhythms like to break into a dance. It is noteworthy that the second time this year in the film The technique of using the title song as a means of artistic expression (for the first time - in the 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2'). I believe that in this case, a similar technique has made a significant contribution to the emotional component.
P azumeetsya, after such a furor that made 'The Mystery of Coco', I want to studio Pixar most pleasing to us like nuggets . It does not matter how old you are, you love cartoons or do not like, check out this wonderful animated film, preferably the whole family, because, in my opinion, he does not leave the viewer indifferent absolutely any age. If my review seem very long, then fold in order of the first letters of each of the six paragraphs, and get word to characterize this as a whole cloth. Happened? Well that's great.
P.S. By the way, before I went to the theater, in the street it was overcast, but as soon as I went out after watching 'Secrets of Coco', shone the sun, and the sky was not a single cloud. Understand nonsense, but if this is the miraculous power Pixar cartoons?

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