"The Secret of Coco (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

After watching this cartoon does not want to comment on all the country of the dead, etc., that are seemingly in the center of the plot. Strong allusions to the reality there are quite different.
So, for the most part of the plot focuses on how 12-year-old proved his relatives (first alive and then dead) their right to engage in what pleases. Question - when, in real life there are such conflicts? Which is the one hint and a lesson in the story. At 1% it occurs at about the same as that shown in the cartoon. When the family strongly opposed the profession chosen by one of its members (and not always because of old grudges, there are more serious reasons). And what about the remaining 99% of the time? And in other such conflicts often involve three things:. Smoking, alcohol, drugs
If instead of the word 'music' in the cartoon to substitute these things, we will see the most that either there is life situations. Teenager in the market gave to smoke marijuana or hashish. At this time there is his grandmother, who kills the one who 'spoils grandson', giving it a 'school'. Further, parents berating him, urging throw poison yourself this muck. But it is already 'breaks', so he runs away from home. Just do not show that these children are still out of the house and stealing things ( 'nonsense' do not give free). But it is by itself. It is not difficult to guess what is morality, if in the end the parents and all relatives recognized him right. The more that modern music has long been unthinkable without all kinds of intoxicants. Yes and throw an alcoholic family is much more realistic character than a successful representative of show business, for unknown reasons, does not help the family financially.
Just do not have the delights of style 'through the thorns to the stars'. Here the hero is busy fighting family, we do not even see how he learns to play the guitar. We do not show situations like 'better luck next time', when the first statement might fail. One has only to get rid of these morons - success will come by itself, like in the other palace
It is therefore understandable why the main character is such a close relationship with the ancient great-grandmother, who is more dead than alive.. Yes, because it has all the spit, even if the great-grandson of hashish stoned crawl home on all fours, she did not pay any attention. Unlike other relatives who for this may be flogged. I just expected that the maximum of hatred for the parents here show corporal punishment. But it is not yet decided, limiting broken guitar (in reality, but with the same ferocity parents poured into the toilet drugs found in the pocket of the child, it is the authors and would like to say). The same stamp in 'The Little Prince', where the ancient grandfather (without claims) is much better than my mother. Dead ancestors in this regard, better yet, why the hero at the end, and tells the little sister of the need to remember them (the need to listen to senior living, of course, is not mentioned). To discredit the family had to sacrifice even common sense. When a hero want to throw into the abyss, and his family standing on the sidelines, although the villain alone and unarmed.
And what about the world of the dead? He's here, too, plays an important role. After all, everyone knows that alcoholics and drug addicts do not live long, and their passion for smokers quickly reduces the grave. That's it, and show that the die is not scary. No you with pans of hell, where, according to religious beliefs, send drunks and not only. In the other world awaits them cheerful and colorful city, not worse than that of men. Yes there are much better. They have a disco with DJ show with strippers and all that, which is not noticeable in the living nerds.
And the word 'secret' in the title is not accidental. Indeed, a great mystery, as in the fiercely anti-family cartoon as spectators managed to see the 'family values'. There are so fool the scene where the hero 'is ready to accept conditions'? Well, let it be proved, and that family is more important, but because the ending is different. Or they managed to discern here the idea of ​​"family is more important than a career?" But if the hero would be an outstanding professional musician, he, too, will leave the family and go away from this provincial town. Again, for some unknown reason, even his wife and children can not take with them. If, however, will remain an amateur, then it becomes to make a living? Shoemaking him disgusted by anything else, he is not engaged.
Of course, part of the audience consists of all those same teenagers that 'stupid ancestors break buzz'. And they are thrilled with the example of how they should be 'sew' and the re-under. Also, a significant portion is likely to constitute a childless adults. Problems with children about disobedience and bad habits they have (because of the lack of these same children). But to fully explain the phenomenon that is impossible. I have repeatedly heard the view that most of the population is now endangered intelligence so burned mass culture that no rules of logic do not work here.
This madhouse is pointless to seek an explanation why parents are their few children (even under 12 years) to such cartoons. Although long since become an everyday reality are cases where 'rebellious "teen killed parents, trying to tear them away from computer games, for which they sit for several days in a row. And here it is clear for all annotations. They want their children to have once again demonstrated that the child is always right, and adults this vulgar trash, does not understand the higher values? The answer to the local secrets should seek not psychologists, and psychiatrists. Incidentally, in the cinema, I did not see any family with more than two children, and in most cases, only one child, although parents advanced age. Of course, who does not want to die, do not go to this.
course, this cartoon is not the only one of its kind. Before that I saw a terrible movie "Evdokia", where under the guise of family values ​​displayed a certain municipality. In that grows aggressive feminists, which is an indispensable attribute of a cigarette in his mouth (and do not tell that an adult can change radically). Other children do not shown in detail. A mother there so stupid and trashy that no girl would want to be like her. Better promotion could hardly find a well-known activist movements constantly say not that many children are alone round fools (childless 'blonde' fixated on bordelnoy fashion such intellectual right). But modern western products in this respect clearly apart from the competition.

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