"The Secret of Coco (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This cartoon interested in presence as the main characters of the male characters-people. It is clear that their appearance today is a tactical move. As part of the audience is already sick of the endless feminists and lesbians, in the hundred thousandth time wad prove their superiority over the opposite sex. So monotonous, stamped propaganda in excessive amounts causes rejection viewers, here and decided to dilute it a little. But still I decided to watch.
In the beginning we see the most that have worn out the pattern. There is an extraordinarily talented teenager and stupid parents tyrants (as well as a clan headed by inadequate grandmother), who, because of absurd prejudices prevent him from revealing his talent in music. The moral for children is obvious: the weak-minded parents / relatives should be sent away. What speaks directly juvenile justice worker, dressed guitarist. Most people 'civilized' countries live according to this principle, but the funny thing here is that. When they have a conflict with the people of other views (and often non-European nationality), the support of these people comes about two dozen relatives. The outcome of the conflict for a single fan of morality 'Disney- Pixar' obvious (well, if you will live). The same thing happens, for example, at a competition in a business where a large and close-knit family quickly (and legitimately) will eat alone.
Equally comical look parents who allow children to watch it, and then contend that native children of them spit . Although it is not clear yet what results they were expecting after a cartoon where a snotty teenager taught right living whole clan of fools adults (including those who died).
Further viewing noticeable plagiarism from the cartoon 'Book of Life'. The architecture of the underworld of the city (and not only) is clearly copied from there. A large part of nekrofilskogo 'humor' is taken from the series 'Monster High', the famous puppet-dead. Yes, but this series was designed for small and not very adequate girls. It was assumed that only they will cackle over the severed limbs, eyes fall out, the lost bone, and so on. Here 12+ restriction. The degradation has also reached that age?
main idea is likely to cause some to cry, here is the 'we must not forget the dead relatives'. This, of course, correct. But this other thing is inextricably linked. RELATIONS BETWEEN living relatives should be fine. And here they are disgusting. From the clan of the protagonist friendship only half-dead great-dead ancestor. With living relationship did not add up. In the end he re-parent (by type of juvenile justice) and they allowed him to do what you want. But it has changed? Anyway, none of the living members of the family does not interest him. It is clear that too explicit anti-family propaganda in modern product repels many. So we decided to make a cartoon film about warm family relationship ... with the dead. And those, he became interested in because among them was an outstanding personality (as if there were no?).
Not to mention how primitive and vulgarization depicts the underworld. The addition to the exterior of the inhabitants of these things different from the modern city? About "there while living remember" just remember the term "gerostatova glory." Anyone who respects the deceased ancestors (as a rule, these are people with religious beliefs) perceive this cartoon as an insult. Not least because that will never be to represent the souls of the dead in the form of ugly skeletons of so vulgar farce. Even with nekrofilskimi gags from the series of dolls-dead men-prostitutes. This is equally offensive to all religious denominations. And it turns back from a long tiresome jokes with zapihivanie in other worlds fabulously modern gadgets and relationships.
can still see such an idea. Work is bad (whether it be a cobbler or a businessman who owns a shoe factory). But being a musician is good. The idea may not seem so bad if it were not for one circumstance. Everyone knows that in 99% of cases is now meant by the word "music." This is when a drugged monkey-ape individuals and shouting something obscene. Rock, rap, metal, other varieties known substance, which I do not understand. Respectively, will be the reaction of the children when the parents are torn away from their favorite "music" (obviously not a classic) and forced to do their homework.
Generally a normal person is unpleasant already nekrofilskoy The local abundance of attributes in the form of skulls and bones. As a favorite "Pepsi generation." There is clearly an unhealthy interest in death, according to the love of horror movies, bloody "anime" and so on. And of course, a record number of suicides (brain-it is not at all). For traditional religions is not typical. For example, in Christianity, before it was even forbidden to bury suicides in cemeteries. And all sorts of saints were famous talents to heal disease. But fundamentally different views among Satanists, to whom the number probably belongs to the local great ancestor. Judging by the skull on the guitar, he fanatel from the dead long before falling to their country. If in Mexico the symbolism and traditional in that day, that a normal person certainly would not walk around with it all year.
more interesting to look at the criticism of this cartoon by those who have had their "Miguel" in reality. A big fan of family values ​​by the name of Pavlik Morozov.
Finally it is worth noting the big problems with the logic. Why it is necessary to leave the family for the sake of music? Is that a mission to Antarctica? Why did not he help his family, if good money? Why success are only texts and notes? Performance art has no meaning? As at that time the art to sing for someone else? How is it possible that no one knew the biography of "the greatest musician," from which he family who are his relatives? And many of these inconsistencies
Result:. Anti-family cartoon, absolutely unfit for normal children and adults uninteresting. For the latter it is unlikely to be relevant main idea that in 12 years it is necessary for the sake of their desires do not care about the opinion and authority of elders (the suppression of which is devoted to 90% of screen time).
Not rated.
In cartoon shows really existing pagan holiday - "Day of the dead ', which used to be taken to keep the house the skulls and bones of dead relatives. It celebrated in several Latin American countries that are world leaders in the production of cocaine and the number of murders per unit of population. Mexico, for example, is now second only to Syria, and in Honduras, is the most dangerous cities in the world. The question arises - what other folk traditions of the most criminal of the world we expect? For example, the custom of cannibalism is preserved in some parts of Africa. But the savages of Oceania - group public sex. Obviously, we will soon see all this in the "children's" cartoons. We are waiting, sir!

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