"The Second Life Uwe (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The second life of Uwe (European cinema. What comes to mind at the mention of European cinema? German expressionism? Perhaps, Italian neo-realism? French New Wave or did Dogme 95? I do not know about you, but I comes to mind is a short, but beautiful word - "life" of European cinema, it is alive and not, many of its representatives are not discussed for several years, as the same movies Nolan like "Prestige" or "Remember" I think some of the audience and did not familiar with it, so... that how can we talk about the turbulent years of an uzhdenii one film of European cinema, it is alive You almost hear his heartbeat, feel his breath, you do not take pictures of European masters of something artificial They seemed to say to you as you say friends, parents, loved -?.. people. European cinema - a phenomenon that is subject to the proper study and analysis that deserves a proper relationship with the audience is clear, there has its black spots, as well as in the US or Asian cinema, but the film, which will be discussed in this review. Without such
«Second Life Uwe." - this is a brilliant cinematographic, is an adaptation of the same genius, as they say in various forums, the novel Fredrik Backman created by people seeking to create something that will remain in the hearts of viewers, -That they will not forget the next day.
the film tells the story of an old man, Uwe, who wants to commit suicide and be reunited with his late wife in heaven, immerses us in a cozy atmosphere surrounded by a fence then poured sunlight, the snow-covered village rk -That in Sweden. The plot is built on the internal conflicts of the protagonist, Uwe, that tells the viewer that throughout the film the character of the character will change, but at the end of the tape in front of us appear completely different person previously unknown to us. Dramatic component of the picture really stands out: here, as I have written, and well-delivered development of the main character, and flashbacks, piercing on a tear, and clearly dedicated Uwe motivation to commit suicide
role Uwe themselves tried Rolf Lassgård who starred in. mostly only in European cinema, and it is, without dispute, brilliantly embodied on the screen grumpy old man following the rules, scolded the young, constantly enhance the voice and wants to hurry to see the favorite. Other actors praise not for anything, so the emphasis in the film is exactly on Lassgorda hero, as even the name suggests, the film is dedicated to him. But what I do not praise the other actors, it does not mean that they are bad in the frame. No. Quite the contrary. Here, everything is wonderful: and Philip Berg, who plays the young Uwe in flashbacks, and Bahar Pars, who played, so to speak, the girlfriend of the protagonist, and stray cat
Film kindly naive - evil here gets their just deserts, ends all relative. happy ending, the protagonist seeks of what went so long, but it can not be attributed to its shortcomings, the presence in the film and who do not even want to think. Cinema should be so -. Lively and sincere
Summing up I would say that I have never liked to write about European films, because it is a risk to destroy his review of the magic of the movies, so at last I will say about the wonderful musical accompaniment, to touch up the core and the hard work of all those who took part in the creation of this creation: from the director, Hannes Holm, before the make-up artist. Stunning picture and leaves the sweet nice, but not nearly as cloying aftertaste.

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