"The Second Life Uwe (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I do not get tired of singing odes Scandinavian films, books, and Scandinavia as a whole. Remarkable they are the people, despite the gloomy disposition and severe introversion. I just imagine the same film made, for example, the Americans ... God bless them with the Americans, shot by the same French, and I understand that it would be a different story. More frivolous and less profound or something.
Swedes turned out very nice and a real film about loneliness, about aging, about how difficult it is, when one goes and the other remains, and that other so hard, that even though you are in the loop climb. Recently, there are many films about old age - by explicitly dramatic paintings to cotton candy, which is contrary to stick to the palate throughout the viewing. The second life of Uwe is a harmonious product, where sadness is intertwined with malicious irony, and sadness eventually gives way to a timid joy of life.
cantankerous old man, Uwe, freak order in everything and always, work with a fait accompli, that his services no longer need. It seems that thanks to the work routine and the daily visits to the grave of the recently deceased wife of Uwe still somehow held, but voiced the verdict becomes final straw, and the old man decides to reunite with his beloved. If it were not for one thing, namely, the circumstances in the form of new neighbors, that somehow interfere with quality suicides. 'Not so it is simple - lose their lives, and then there was this cat ... "- growls Uwe sitting next to a monument to his Sone and absently stroking the matted wool of a cat curled up on his lap
Rolf Lassgård in. Uwe great role. Gradually raising the impenetrable armor grumpy and ill-tempered, he shows us a touching and kind old man with a big heart. Growing small Uwe, Uwe formation of male and bitterness of loss Uwe-old unfolding before the audience, causing treacherous tears from the most impressive of them.
How good female characters! Firstly, Parvana - Uwe neighbor and de facto head of the family next door, excellently played by Bahar Pars. 'You gave birth twice, the third time is not far off. Was able to leave Iran, has gone through war, bombing and hell, learn a new language, education and employment, and found herself a husband-bum. So, learn to drive for you - no problem. Start the car and let's go! ' This all Parvana. Involuntarily, she becomes the best friend of Uwe, almost forcibly drawing it at the very second life and in life in general, with which he is so eager to say goodbye.
Sonia, the wife of Uwe, affects the force of his personality. Will accident cheeful Sonia is confined to a wheelchair, but her optimism and amazing love for life for many years to inspire as neopravivshegosya by Uwe tragedy, and many others.
quality humor, excellent camera work, nice color, light and its special atmosphere added to the film score. And of course what I wanted to convey the writer, who is also the director Hannes Holm, successfully communicated and is not yet reinvents one day.
This is a film about love, about friendship, about aging, about acceptance and donkey stubborn unwillingness to come to terms with the circumstances, about our cockroaches, which sometimes so difficult to find a common language with cockroaches people close to us, and about much more. The fate is largely determined by the sum committed by us as stupid, as stated in the movie. On the credits could not help think of his own stupidity, timidly compress human arm, which sits next to, and want to especially acute grow old together ...

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