"The Second Life Uwe (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Uwe - grumbling Swedish pensioner living a lonely life in a small village, fenced and hung signs with all sorts of restrictions and regulations enforced by Uwe strictly monitors
Uwe -. A wonderful worker, foreman, one of those who made Sweden their work economically prosperous, comfortable, clean and beautiful country as we know it, and that try to get people from different corners of the Earth
Finally, Uwe -. not the one for whom we accept it at first, and even second glance
Many Naib Leah notable European films this year, including the finalists of "Oscar" nomination "Best foreign language film" or one of the leaders of the Berlinale "The reverse side of hope" Aki Kaurismäki, one way or another on the theme of contact and interpenetration of different cultures. Against the background of various problems related to the integration of a new wave of migrating to Europe of the peoples, and this theme is sharp, and very far from being exhausted.
Swedish director Hannes Holm took off in the same tradition of the deep and incredibly touching film "A man named Uwe" in Russian translation has acquired quite a controversial reference to the "second life" issues which, however, is much broader relationship with the indigenous Swedes immigrants
fact, Uwe -. this, of course, is the very old Sweden, meticulous, accurate, and stingy believes in the strength and firmness of the established rules and practices, even when they are violated in front of her.
old, familiar life in Sweden ends. We meet Uwe already a widower, in the first minutes of the film, he loses his job - people like it, are not needed, as the unnecessary became his favorite and once-glorious name "Saab", promykavshayasya several years between the various owners and finally ceased to exist in 2014 by Uwe
surrounding the world is changing before our eyes -. that's in the village, he was surrounded by his own hands warning and prohibitive labels, and in which every morning makes a detour on duty, there are new people, ignoring the old taboos and generally leading life for some his own, alien and incomprehensible laws
But the film tells the story not only of the second, but also the first life of the hero, and it turns out that this is in fact one and the same life:. the environment is constantly changing, for what fences do not hide, for their ideals to struggle and cultural differences can be found, and not to travel outside Sweden, and driving just a couple of stations in a conventional train. And, in line with the old adage, opposites attract, and the differences in the "serious" values ​​are much less significant and more easily surmountable than contrast and humorously illustrated confrontation between fans of "Saab" and "Volvo". A boundary between the worthy and unworthy people go anywhere, just not in the column "nationality».
But whatever the differences between whole peoples or individuals (and not only people), all is something in common. And the first and most important - is, of course, love, which, as it turns out, can not be simply "to the grave", but even more
Film Hannes Holm, despite the seriousness of the problems, and the characters' actions, it is very easy.. Even tragic moments shown in him as if through a special soft filter, and it is an achievement not only of the operator Göran Hallberg. First and foremost, of course, it's a beautiful story Fredrik Backman, and ironic, but it is a very precise game Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars and the other actors.
Life goes on, even when it seems that it is over, moreover, is that at this moment she reveals to man his hitherto unseen treasures. And in order to accommodate all its diversity and richness, one must have a big heart indeed. And in order to fully realize and enjoy it all, and two lives may not be enough.

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