"The Second Life Uwe (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Oscar ended, the precipitate was: do not agree with the winners and the best films are not logged in. Sorry fingering neotsmotrennyh nominees and decide to give a chance to this very warmly received by the audience to the Swedish film. And as if there was no Oscar and all the fuss: gold little boobies significant issue once a year, and a movie and life remain. You can breathe, not to force yourself to be fascinated by the fact that you are not fascinated, and talk to the movies directly, without an interlayer of a hundred academics
«Second Life Uwe." - a film which clings to the first scene. Movie, which shows the character of the main character in the first 5 minutes, it may not be bad. (Sorry, unlike blacks in moonlight, which remained blurred contours till final credits). We see a typical nasty old man who "seizes life", all raises, whine, spoils the whole mood and all kinds depresses cornering daring youth. There are many around, especially in land transport. Life, joy, freshness gone, and it seems that all they have left - it bile, pain, jealousy, rage, and rules. They no longer flitting like butterflies alcoholic world on the wings of irresponsibility and selfishness, they do not spit on everything. They just do not spit on everything.
Here's a middle-aged man, Uwe lives in little world of residential quarters, where strictly watches over discipline, so that in his rounds, like Kant walks, you can compare notes. Directed skillfully begins to film it in the climax of the movement to an end on this earth Uwe hold only rules that strictly protects it alone. No family, no children, no job. He is about to set sail from this marina and lay down next to his beloved wife to the cemetery is already under the ground, but not so easy to die with a crowd of sad sack, neighbors and "idiots". Comic flows into the tragic, life time slips from past to present, we are carefully considering the fate of a man who is about to become no.
If you are faced with the cruelty and injustice of something fought, they defended our values ​​really We lived, in other words, you will realize that feels Uwe, enthusiastically prescribing this world penalty fine. Let the story of the protagonist some cardboard and melodramatic that still spoils the impression from the movie, but a story of decency, love and struggle. Arduous journey, where rose petals are often strewn with only half the wedding and the grave. . The history of the struggle with its neighbors, with inattention, rudeness, irresponsibility, meanness, indifference, and the fate of
I would say that this film - the tale of a happy ending, that can have a family, having lost his own. The fact that the mice one day turn into wonderful horses, lizards into footmen, and neighbors with sruschimi dogs on the tracks - to friends. There were then, of course, and no subject of migrants and gay men, for a happy family of the Swedish people is expanding, and this reflects the cinema, but it is taught so tactfully and skillfully that even our grandfathers, which is far from tolerance Uwe would not have had enough popyhtet . The world, which at the beginning of the film, it seemed completely turned to the protagonist Well ... its worst side in the final almost sparkles Indian happy-ends benevolence and love.
evil in this short film, scary. Over it quickly gains the radiant blue-win, whether it be a triumph of the talented teacher in a wheelchair or stray cats. When we, the Russian people bear such a film at the treatment their poisoned, leviafanovskie, non-healing wounds, he can not help us, but it can give hope that one day and "we take some rest, we'll hear the angels, we can see the entire sky in diamonds, we will see how all earthly evil, all our pain sink in charity, which will fill him all over the world, and our lives will tihoyu, tender, sweet as a caress. " If Chekhov was an optimist and I would live in Sweden, he probably could make a film. The fact that we must always "tell the world Yes," and do the best you can, that it is necessary to have a better life, do not harden and do not lose hope. Fight for what you believe in, and to be happy in spite of all the troubles, even if our lives are much more art-house director.

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