"The Second Life Uwe (2015)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

En man son heter Ove '- adaptation of the book of the Swedish writer Fredrik Backman
I do not know where to start.. Not to say that it is a masterpiece - to say nothing
little story:
Uwe eyes of neighbors:
Former Managing quarter, lonely querulous, meticulous, stubborn and simply dissatisfied with everything and everyone old
Uwe.. the eyes of his wife and new neighbors:
Kind, helpful, warm, infinitely honest and responsible fighter for justice with the 'big heart'
lost his mother, survived the death of his father on his eyes in his youth, the loss of the unborn child, the disease. and the death of his beloved wife - someone who every day voluntary solitude and more and more returns Uwe memories when he was really happy
The house Uwe instead of chandeliers -. rope on the hook for a cradle in the attic - a gun, y 'nerodivyh' neighbors - they borrowed a hose in the garage -. beloved Saab
Uwe - man habits with your routine and rules. Every Saturday at 2:00, he dines with the same kind of cake with the same grade of coffee at the same table in the same coffee shop every year. Every day he visits the grave of his wife, he brings her pink roses and tells about their emergency meeting and events of the day. Uwe father loved car brand of Saab, because Uwe for his life changed a few machines, and they were all the same brand (of course, Saab! What is Volvo or Renault?). On all occasions have statutes and laws, all acts and things - instruction. Along the paths of the cottage village do not have to ride the machine, it is forbidden to park bicycles in public areas, a plurality of prohibiting signs, fences and gates. But all this - for a quiet and peaceful life for all the inhabitants of the village. Uwe believes that the world is composed of idiots (like newcomer owner), 'chinosh' (which, in addition to the money, do not need anything), gay ( 'from the very gay', p. A. No hate him for them not) .
Life Uwe measured and orderly.
until then, until one day in the house across the street is not noisy rides young family. Acquaintance began only with the crippled neighbor's trailer mailbox Uwe and lack of new arrivals stairs (!!! hexagon).
But since the day the pensioner life begins to change.
This is the 'Second Life Uwe'.
Hard experiencing six-month break with his wife, the old man decided to leave it to the light.
But from the first suicide attempt it distracts new young neighbor-Iranian. As from the second, and on the third and on the fourth attempt. Help neighbors with children, driving instruction, help old friends with the housework, reconciliation with intrusive, out of nowhere appeared a cat. Old World Uwe crumbling walls outward as it should be from the awareness of being wanted.
director perfectly adheres to the chosen genre of tragicomedy. While viewing a picture that I want to laugh with unobtrusive, but incredibly witty jokes, then burst into tears of silent and helpless sadness.
Scenes warm affection and love between Uwe and Sonja, due to his father Uwe, Uwe struggle for equal rights for disabled wife, salvation man from under the wheels of the train at the next failed attempt Uwe commit suicide scene disclosure stories family tragedy neighbor-Iranian, string strong thread of friendship between neighbors, decision-Uwe society as a cat / neighbors / old friends / guests and called the rejection of the huts annogo them alone ... -. not to cry = not have a heart
But a scene like the one when Uwe hochei rid of meddlesome correspondent, locked it in his garage, competition between friends in the race for buying the best car to the scene of reconciliation and another insult, sarcastic replica against neighbors - beaten to tears. In general, some of the scenes of the film is very reminiscent of the game "Get a neighbor '
Second Life Uwe -. It is good anthem, hymn of love, humanity anthem. After the movie I want to live and appreciate their favorite
Moral shouts from the beginning to the end of the tape -. 'The meaning of life is always there!'
Each scene from private life and her way of showing the Swedes excellent in their identity
more. I will not say anything.
film is a must for viewing. If you do not see in 2016, consider that you have missed a year of their lives.
This 1st place in the ranking of most touching and at the same time motivating films.
P. a.
main thing he did not do something silly as originally intended, it's just his big heart. But the most-most importantly:
'Do not let them go on our tracks'
10 of 10.

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