"The Runaways" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

After a delightful 'Toys' Weber went on to make films with Richard, and it took a couple of Depardieu. From this it has turned the famous comedy duo. One tall, the other short, one lean, strong second one - a sort of modesty, the other - brutal man
French cinema, I do not really like, but this movie is not bad. Not the best 'toys' - and the idea is easier, and the proportion of clean comedy more - but also wow
Although there is a cons.. Very funny beginning and end, and downright despair middle. Sometimes the mood racing works, sometimes - not. In this case, probably not, because midpoint in the frame of the fun appears boring.
image Pignone significantly deeper and more sincere way of Luke. Through the blindfold cracker and peeps role 'of the criminal with a heart of gold. " He behaves like a little saint, despite the fact that no matter how cool it - a robber-recidivist. His ambivalence is quite artificial. And here at Pinon all seems to be true: the usual good guy was suddenly full of life pit - his wife died, the daughter of the shock stopped talking, lost his job. And it somewhere in their desperation dug determination to sacrifice everything for the sake of her daughter. He commits a crime, to betrayal - though it is terrible, and bitter
As a result, they like from various films, Pignon -. From the drama, and Luke - from comedy. As a pair, they cause cognitive dissonance. To honor the director, still in Luke's behavior has its own logic, and it lies his story does not look - whether and Pignon easier, would have gone all to cheer. If Luke is more difficult, the film was no longer would be a comedy.
I also do not like the casting of girls. It kind of creepy. The idea is that it should be a pity, and I have it rather frightening. Even closer to the end of the film. It would in any 'Bell' filming.
On the other hand, quite well illustrates the relationship of heroes to each other. Joan brings them only, they consider each other in some way necessary for the happiness of Jeanne 'device', and not as to him personally interesting person. . Painfully, they are different
However, as Depardieu himself wrote about the characters of the film: "They were made for each other. This is a real married couple ', bearing in mind that the Pinyon and Luke had to create' imaginary family 'for Jeanne - practically without any feelings for each other (and with no sexual overtones, naturally). Good old woman dressing up in here rather symbolic, it emphasizes the fact that Jeanne had found the father not father, mother, and stranger, and my father had to take on the role of his late mother.
It's all pretty badly, and I, as a person, ratuyuschemu consensual relationship, somewhat hampered love this movie.

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