"The Runaways" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Harsh Luke (J. Depardieu) is released from prison. He spent five years in that fourteen banks robbed with a weapon. He offended the world. And his "good" one, Duroc, dreaming planted Luke again, saying: "These are not tied. Once past the banks are, hands start to itch "But Luke wants to start a new life.
Ten Thumbs Francois Pignon (P. Richard) decided on a bank robbery, which becomes not entirely successful. His cut from the plant, for a long time, he has no job, he does not live on that.
They manage to escape, but now both of them "criminals." But will be able to if they use the money that went with such difficulty
All subsequent runs - Life on the Edge in the harsh world of reality: shot through the leg and the vet instead of a doctor, his patient and confusing person, unhappy girl, Jean, who does not speak, loss of appetite, "bandits adapted to life" in all who know its benefits (Libip), overnight stay in the market, and squeezed the man who still gave apples; the kidnapping of the children's home.
But will "light at the end of the tunnel?" What should happen to the girl Jeanne spoke? Does Luke be able to "tie" to show the world, including Duroc, but first and foremost to himself that he could start a new life?
And Luke and Pinon are so different, but what can unite them?
Pierre Richard was able to embody the image of François Pignon once again, as in the vast majority of his films, the image of the "little man" (a literary term for a man helpless before life, who are having trouble coping with life's obstacles, difficulties). In this film, the symbol of these difficulties are social problems for him: unemployment. Its failure to adapt to the harsh life, despite the fact that he was more than forty years, infantilism to the world, conformism, acquiescence, obedience that cause emotion, but at the same time - the sadness, compassion, empathy
hero Depardieu -. Luke in a the degree of contrast Pignon, he opposed it, he successfully former robber, after serving five years, knows the harshness of life, the criminal world, it is - part of it. But what's missing him? After all, for something he had offended the world. Duroc meanness. It's not just that. Severe Luc, as it turns out, we need a little fragile girl Jeanne, which say will overcome his illness and pain the words "Do not go", that he may no one said melt his heart, which will begin again to love people, the world, realizing that he is not only because of the vile Duroc, and the "old chap", can in fact only on the bases, on the vile and cynical betrayal, but also from people like Pignon and his daughter, capable of genuine goodness, because the soul of their clean, bright. And this, perhaps, the highest value in life.
In the film, there is a "clash of two ancestral began ... soul. One of them is good, somewhat stupid, even silly, whacky word (image Pignone). Other start - on the contrary, a powerful, violent and ruthless, invincible "(image of Luke). Merging, they are able to resist all enemies, defend their right to have to live. After all, they are also needed in this world!
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