"The Runaways" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Once again, the viewer reduce, in the literal sense of the word, are confronted with a remarkable tandem of two successful French actors ' Richard-Depardieu '. Already a lot of time and some critics, it was noticed how bright, powerful and simply interested in this composite element, the element in which the two stars of French cinema are able to turn everything upside down, changing the old presentation and said ' No 'to all kinds of prejudices and stereotypes in movies. And, oddly enough, it happens again, they again come to destroy (and maybe create something) - it's like to know. In general, meet - the elusive ' The Runaways ', stand before you in all its beauty and brightness
In this funny, fast paced and highly original film from the outset everything goes wrong -. Puny and particularly confident Richard's character tries to rob a bank, and simultaneously captures the 'hostage' brutal, powerful and, conversely, overly self-confident man, whose role is assigned Depardieu. The plot is constructed in such a way that it becomes impossible to funny to watch as catcher turns into a coney and the alleged beast - a real hunter. In short, everything is turned upside down, because the robber is not so categorical and serious, how he could be seen at first, when the hostage-taking of a true leader and former bank robber, who in this case the dog ate.
Quite funny to see how developing events, like two completely different people become real friends, like, overcoming hardships and fail in their affairs, they aspire to happiness, peace and quiet paradise. Well, in the next hour and a half duration of the tape they have to go through more than one mile and walk together. How it turns out to torment the hero Depardieu, one can only guess, and how all this just speaks and looks Richard hero - you can just imagine. Funny, with the light and lively - this is how the bulk of the film, subsequently resulting in attention and consciousness of the viewer to the final, so touching and remarkable part, at the sight of which shed a tear will not be a sin
' The Runaways '- it's not just a comedy, it's sensual, soulful and very topical movie that takes the quick and allows you to better reflect both on themselves and on their lives, allowing highlight the values ​​and ideals, aspirations and goals, as well as all the advantages and disadvantages. It is amazing but true, and in addition to the fun, commotion and turmoil can be seen like the thoughts that will not go unnoticed by those who wish to see in the film hidden meaning. Undoubtedly, the majority of the audience for the film will only see laughter, jokes and fun, but if you look closely, and to be a little careful, you will see, and similar lofty thoughts, which are very important to think about.
becomes very joyful when you realize that the paintings such as 'Runaways' has quite a few that hit the nail on the head, which exist not only for emotions, but also for reflection. It was then that you realize you realize what masterpieces in cinema is still there, that there is a desire to perfect and great. Personally, I have always loved and still love this movie, which brings warmth, love and joy. And, each time, start watching this, I am aware that he deeply touch me, and my heart, thus allowing to change something in me, and changed for the better.
Much obliged grateful to the creators and actors of this picture, they are able to create and give people such a wonderful creation of cinema, which is able to create and inspire, inspire good deeds! ..

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