"The Runaways" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Even being a good burglar, it has a great chance sooner or later fall behind bars, and pay for every stolen coin. And being unlucky burglar easier immediately after going to the bank to come to the police station and write a confession, not to fall into the situation more complicated, because of which will not be that easy to get out. But man, driven to despair, nothing more to lose, and he decides to risk everything for their family's survival. A heroic act, only the police are unlikely to be able to appreciate it, and now would-be thief to have to become a fugitive.
talented French director Francis Veber in the 80 years took their brightest comedy, which opened the world witty duo Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu . Weber liked to draw their characters in such a situation, of which the two men get out, so that it was impossible not to laugh. Third of their joint film also tells about the dangerous adventure, but this time the two criminals, who will of destiny are closely related
«-. Beware! Plaque! Everybody hands up! »
protagonist of the history of François Pignon has long been a barely living on one manual, trying to ensure my daughter tolerable existence. When the cup of patience overflows it, he ventures on a very brave and risky move - to rob a bank. Protection of the bank is not so much, all attendees unanimously scared an old pistol and grenades, while the coveted money he has at hand, when Francois realizes that is not fully thought out his plan. In the absence of such experience, he timidly trying to finish the job and becomes a wanted criminal number one. Pierre Richard has created a very naive, but sometimes strong character who more than anything loves his daughter. He plays well, his burglar Francois with the first appearance on the screen just amazes with its simplicity, comic and dedication
«-. On his account 15 attacks, it took 14 banks ... he never calm down, do not give up their craft. »
And when luck denies the protagonist François, he comes to the aid of a real professional, perpetrator of many successful robberies - Jean Luc. He firmly decided for myself that with a criminal past is over forever, as his head falls loser Pignon. And then Luke has to remember the past, because there again behind bars, he does not want to. Gerard Depardieu easily transforms into an experienced, intelligent, self-centered guy who does not want to interfere in the affairs of others. Most of his playing is impressive is how he Luc tied to his new friend that he had not spoken. Their duet with Richard although predictable (not Pierre also play big man), but their images are as vivid, distinctive, memorable, as in previous collaborations.
Suddenly so dangerous company falls and the little daughter of the hero Joan of Pignon. It's amazing how a little girl manages to make a lasting impression on the unconscious robber with a decent work experience. Actress Anais Bret played a silent character with beautiful brown eyes, being quite a child. Partly because of the age, but more because of the talent, she was able to create such a gentle and at the same time dramatic image that is stored not less than two hapless robber.
The film tells us a beautiful and touching story about three men, who has survived many have become almost family. And while here there is a lot of comedic moments, but also share the drama in the film very much. With such a charismatic cast of it is absolutely not boring, and only draws its simplicity, plainness and kindness, despite the fact that the main characters are on the run from justice. But the wine of their already very questionable, because they, more than anyone else, deserve a second chance and happy life
«-. I'll stay with you. But only for a few days. What is my whole life hanging around near you? I have enough of their affairs. »
Sometimes critical situations bring people together so that they become family to each other, even if they pretend like they do not care.

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