"The Runaways" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For me personally, the French director - Francis Veber, favorite comedy director. Maybe he did not entirely remove comedy but mostly he was filmed them. I know his every film almost by heart, and if it is an old French comedy, with a share of drama, starring Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu, and the director is Weber then it can be called a masterpiece! And I'm not exaggerating, but it is one of those comedies titled - "The Runaways" about this. "The Runaways" is a film of my deep childhood who remembered to me for a long time and at every opportunity I try to review the movie, and it remains one of my favorite comedies. And of course it is about this film, I decided to tell you right now ...
The film is very thin, high-pitched and at the same time understandable plot. I do not want to rewrite t. To. Who looks the movie itself will understand, or more precisely understand the essence. The film is absolutely fascinating in its simplicity and at the same time of "deep". When you watch this movie then just know that people's lives can seldom be "chocolate", very touching look at the hero Pierre Richard - Francois tries to become a robber and get paid a desperate way, as it turns out only due to the fact that though the feed his mute daughter. Very fun to watch the sparring between the hero and the hero of Richard Depardieu or for those cases in which they fall. Although the film is a "standard" one and a half hours but because of this gripping story, the film flies in an instant, and when the film ends (by the way, quite a pleasant note), you want more. And it really can be called a masterpiece and put away the plot five points with three advantages
Acting in the film is so strong that you really want to say -. I believe! The duo Pierre Richard and Gerard Depardieu simply magnificent. For Richard mumbled can watch endlessly, facial expressions, and the helplessness of his character brings a smile, even when his character is silent. A hard and simultaneously "myagkovato" Gerard Depardieu is also a great product, its determination and thirst for help hero Richard and his daughter just admired, and if you look at the duo and to those cases in which they get caught, the movie just to make people laugh to tears! And do not forget about the very girl - Anais Bret, which in addition to "The Runaways" nowhere else did not really removed, but this is not important. The role of a silent and sullen girl it was a success, and I have nothing more to add. Supporting roles too were great fun, although there were not very many. For the actor's game, I put five points with five ins
. «- The problem is that I never took the banks»
. «- The problem is that I took them fourteen!"

humor in this film can be called a stunning! Clean, high-quality French humor eighties, ie he's cute, is not obtrusive, simple, easy, but did not go for all that - incredibly funny, and sometimes just to make people laugh to tears. As I have already said, we see this film as a family since the most ancient times and still laugh at every joke Depardieu and Richard in the film, each scene is very funny and at the same time makes you wonder. And for me personally, the best comedy - a Soviet comedy and of course, the French comedy. And do not forget the hilarious and just gorgeous prescribed dialogues heroes. Behind the humor, you can safely put the film five points.
naishikarneyshy Well certainly in the film soundtrack. Belgian music of Vladimir Cosma in this film is incredibly emotional and poignant, and when excited by sound or melody in the final film, the Cosma gets straight to the point. Music can laugh or move the other way around, and the soundtrack perfectly fits the atmosphere of the film. And I want to say bravo - Vladimir Cosma and place for movie soundtracks all the same five points and two advantages
«-. I do not like a woman! I'm too old for this »
« -! It's not the age, there are old women »

result, in such films should not be cons and it's true.! And this comedy only some pluses. And what else can I add? Is that - Bravo, M. Weber, Depardieu and Richard, and thank you very much for such a masterpiece of the eighties. It is a pity that now is already forgotten how to do. And the old French humor will always be like me, and I will revise this movie every time as soon as possible, and I put this film a legitimate ...
10 of 10
P. S. I'd like to see this film in the top 250 best films "kinopoisk" but so far, alas, but sorry ...

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