The Role Of Sustainability And Global Processes In The Life Essay

The role of sustainability and global processes in the life of modern human is significant, since it is a process in which a more balanced society is achieved, and prospects for future generations are created. It is worth noting that sustainable development meets the needs of people based on the principles of calculating potential damage and introducing growth, which reduces this risk. The UN Commission has prepared a report on environment and sustainable development, which has become one of the key documents that define the concept of sustainable development and control of global processes. Sustainability determines the way of life of a whole generation, so the satisfaction of needs must take into account the needs of future generations.

The balance between the current and future generations should determine the most comfortable conditions for the development of society. The essence of sustainable development is that the present age should use natural resources and satisfy needs in the interests of the next generations (Marriott & Minio-Paluello, 2014). Natural resources and materials for life are of great importance in people’s lives. It is worth pointing out that the ratio and significance of non-renewable resources should be substantially revised, since, depending on a person, such funds may be exhausted. Based on this, it can be concluded that one aspect of sustainable development is the orientation towards renewable energy and heat sources, such as wind, tidal energy or the sun. Consequently, providing future generations with natural resources is one of the critical aspects of the generation balance.

Another essential element of sustainable development is an investment in knowledge and human capital. It determines the ability of the present generation to meet the needs and implement innovative ways to improve the standard of living. The importance of this process is that modern society can use the satisfaction of consequences as a way to achieve new opportunities for the next generations (“The SDGs: A Siren and Lullaby for Our Times”, 2015).For example, the use of natural resources can be an investment in the development of technologies that will help achieve sustainable growth in the future. It means that the current or higher standard of living will be maintained in future societies. Therefore, it is critically important to ensure proper control over the process of integrating new knowledge into people’s daily lives.

Among the goals of sustainable development is to identify a prevailing ideology as a plan for the development of society for the next 15 years. Among the main tasks of this event are the overcoming of poverty, the elimination of hunger, gender independence and the overcoming of stereotypes (“Sustainable development goals – United Nations”, 2018). The need to combat each of the identified problems is based on a set of different indicators that need to be recorded and changed for a bright and even development of humanity. On the other hand, the definition of goals does not guarantee their implementation. The document does not provide for ways to achieve the objectives and does not have the authority to do so. The primary goal of the report is to create a plan of directions and tools for global processes and sustainable development. Priority of tasks is based on a threat that potentially affects the future generation.

There are various indicators of the success of sustainable development. Unfortunately, many methods of measurement are approximate and do not give exact results. Nevertheless, humanity is developing unstable and tends to reduce negative indicators. It is achieved through the fulfillment of global tasks in each country. Many signs reflect the influence of a person on the safety of the planet and the use of natural resources. The most accurate indicator of the effectiveness of sustainable development is unknown.

Sustainable development is reflected in the minds of any person, as the interest in a better life for the next generation is both a global and personal problem for people. It is worth noting that the idea of sustainable development in the period of globalization inspires a more rational approach to life. The abstractness and inaccuracy of measuring the effectiveness of this concept indeed distort the true essence of sustainability. Nevertheless, it is essential for a particular person and family to be part of a global plan for saving future generations and achieving a balance in modern society.Although goals are universal, however, each person can contribute to the achievement of tasks by personally realizing the importance and suitability of the benefits that people will have in the future. Reducing poverty, hunger and gender stereotypes have a positive trend, as society has realized the importance of problem-solving. Therefore, each person can participate in global processes, and everything depends only on the desire.

The process of sustainable development is essential for the planet and society, as fulfilling the goals set means achieving a balance in the current culture and a positive outlook for the next generations. It is worth noting that, despite the global scale of the tasks of sustainable development, everyone can personally participate and contribute to the well-being of people around the world. It can be either a personal desire or a family trait.Consequently, the concept of sustainable development is an inspiration for a person to do things that will be useful for the next generations.

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