The role of personality in our society Essay

The role of personality in our society

The Role of Personality in our Society

Anthony Taylor

PSY615: Personality Theories (PYD1904A)

Dr. Patricia Addesso


George Jefferson is a fictional character that played on a popular television show called “The Jeffersons.” The actor that played the character of George Jefferson was Sherman Hemsley; born in 1938 Hemsley served in the U.S. Air Force and worked for the U.S. Postal Service before becoming an actor. (, 2019).

Jung’s theoretical approach Hemsley character George would be considered on the Thinking Learners style. These individuals with the thinking learning style tend to focus more on the structure and function of information and objects. These learners often base decisions on personal ideas of right, wrong, fairness, and justice. The characteristics of thinking learners:

· Interested in logic and patterns

· Dislike basing decisions on emotions

· Bases decisions on reason and logic

This popular sitcom showed the controversy between White America and Black America in an attempt to bring laughter to the strong emotions that were hovering during that era. (Cherry, 2019). With racism being a focal point the Jeffersons seem to bring some kind of calm to a storm, but that’s not all the sitcom addressed, it also addressed transgender and other topics.

Hemsley’s character George would be considered as INTP- Introversion+Intuition+Thinking+Perceiving. He liked to seek to develop logical explanations for everything that interests him. Theoretical and abstract, interested more in ideas than in social interaction. The character George Jefferson was skeptical, very much critical of his neighbors and people of other races. He was very loud with everyone and wouldn’t trust those around him. He was always looking for a way to improve his business or make some kind of partnership deal that would expand his dry clothes business. (Foundation)

Nominating a project manager with a personality profile that matches the project he or she will be heading is one of the most influential decisions for the success of a project. The competency of the project manager is essential to the success of the project. In part there are factors in the research field as well as the project manager personality that will allow the project to work accordingly. It is estimated that millions of people are assigned jobs annually around the world and many of them are diagnosed by derivatives of Myers-Briggs questionnaire. (Yuval cohen, 2013). Some of the ethical issues when implementing of MBTI personality assessment is confidentiality in administering and providing results. The results are to be given directly to the respondent, whether as an individual or part of a group. It should be given in a way that is personal and allows for questions, clarification and interaction with the respondent. The respondent should be informed in advance as to the purpose of taking the instrument and how results will be used. Hemsley should be given an opportunity to clarify his indicated type with the MBTI administrator. If the instrument was only for research purposes it would not be necessary to give individual results to Hemsley, unless he asked for it. Another potential ethical problem with the MBTI is interpreting the results. The administrator could not present information/results in a way that is judgmental and describe type attributes as propensities, favorites or proclivities instead of the absolutes. Making things too general or simple could group Hemsley in a category that appear all people under this type act/conduct him/herself in the same way. The results should be presented as Hemsley type and that it explains everything about him. Type doesn’t necessary reflects Hemsley ability, intelligence, emotions or normalcy. (Ethics, 1975).


Watching this sitcom as a little kid and not knowing really the meaning just thinking things were funny. George was loud-mouthed, hot-headed ambitious and clever. He didn’t seem to have a problem with speaking out about concerns with race relations. Certainly, he had a lot to be proud of – loving family, a flourishing business, son successful, but George was never satisfied. He was always looking for another big break to add to his success. My thoughts about this type of personality is that George was a person who liked drama, he always had some kind of drama going whether others created, or he created this situations. I don’t believe that Hemsley character wasn’t too far from his personality. I believe that this sitcom gave him an outlet to be bold and suggestive while making people laugh and/or making them angry.

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