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Looking at a Fast Food Industry as a consumer, it is a product which changed its nature from extravagance to an essential in today’s modern lifestyle. Due to the hectic professional lifestyle, people hardly get time to cook food at home (Hesterman, 2012). So they are largely depended on fast food. Since this dependency is there, therefore on the consumer’s part it is desirable to prefer quality food ad it has become a part and parcel of daily life. At the same time, there is a matter of price check too. If prices are kept to high then it would become difficult for the people to afford it regularly, thereby creating more complication for the consumers. Consumers are generally dependent in nature (Hosseinzadeh, 2014). They are largely depended on the product avaibility in the market as they are not the producers of it. The most important thing to be noted is that the longevity of the industry depends upon consumers. As long as consumers are consuming, producers will be there in the market. Henceforth, the producers should maintain the quality and price of the foods made available to consumers (Oosterveer & Sonnenfeld, 2012).

It is to be mentioned here that Capitalism consists of private ownership and commodities together with the means of production. Capitalism promotes competition between two producers. It has been opined that capitalism plays a major role in decision making ability of a corporate body. In literally sense it can be explained as the production of best product at a cheaper rate, thereby increasing the profit and sale margin of the company (Oosterveer & Sonnenfeld, 2012). A corporate body if required to take a decision regarding a particular product will be considering few factors before making a decision. The first thing that is considered while making a decision is the allocation of resources. This one point is followed by a lot of other factors like market avaibility, market price, production of price of the same product, competitive producers in the market etc. In respect to Fast food industry, capitalism is mainly based on the demand of the consumers. Corporate decision making in a fast food industry is always taken keeping in knowledge the budget of the people and the quality demand of the consumers along with price maintenance.

It is very difficult for industries as an individual entity to serve its best interest along with the best interest of consumers at the same time. If we look it from an economic end, we would notice that the quality demanded by consumers is of high standard along with the demand for reasonable price range. In today’s market scale if the quality demanded by the consumers are tried to be maintained, then the production price would increase considerably, thereby increasing the selling price. So it wouldn’t be possible for the industries to look into both aspects at the same time. For looking into both the aspects would result into loss for the industries. They would not be able to afford the sale of products at a price lower than the production price. It would harm their best interest which is nothing but profit margin of the company.


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