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Discuss about the Role of HR in health Care.



Human resource management is the essential department of every organization. It is the report which describes the requirements of HR in any organization. The recommendation will be discussing in this report in the way to improving the operations of HRM at the hospital. HR policies and practices in the organization are essential because it helps organization to enhance the productivity of an employee. It will define the key features of sustainable HR capability. HR policies handle the situation of organization on their own behalf and prepare employees of the organization by providing efficient training and development. There are so many practices of HRM such as recruitment, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, rewards and recognition and predicted outcomes. In the hospital, staff should be effective and well trained. The department of HRM plays a lead role to improve the efficiency of the hospital.

Suggestion to improve the operations of HRM at hospital

There are so many responsibility of CEO of hospital, he could not bind to perform only one task and the entire organization is dependent upon the CEO and it could be possible if organization has efficient HRM department which is ready to hire experienced and deserved employee for Hospital along with that to maintain the range of existing employee will enhance the reputation of the hospital for a long time. After analyzing all required things, I would like to recommend to CEO of hospital to focus on HRM to improve the operations of HRM at hospital.

It can be improved by implementing various things which is required for an organization such as by providing training and development because the main aim of hospital to provide the better quality of services to its patients (Alfes, Shantz, Truss & Soane, 2013). As per case study it has been analyzed that the role of HR play by CEO and financial manager and hospital does not have HR department and senior manager. I would like to recommend that hospital should hire firstly HR team because it is not possible to every manager of hospital to work as HR manager. There are so many issues such as absenteeism, staff grievance, industrial disputation and a staff shortage has to face organization in the case of lack of HR Policies. Organization need to implement the HRM model which describes the organization of human resource. It is the model which is considered as bridge between the strategy of HR and other key sources of HR management such as organizational structure of HR and HR process (Gould?williams, Bottomley, Redman, Snape, Bishop, Limpanitgul & Mostafa, 2014).

Figure 1: HRM Model

Source: (Jamali, El Dirani & Harwood, 2015).

The improvement in HR section will enhance the productivity of an employee within the organization which will be helpful to develop the reputation of the hospital outside. The HRM model is made up of planning, recruitment or selection, socialization, performance, rewarding, monitoring, training, development and appraisal which is necessary for hospital before providing job to others (Sparrow, Brewster and Chung, 2016). Along with that there is system model of HRM which should be initiated by CEO of hospital to improve the operations of HRM. System model of HRM involves input, process and output. Input part contains human energy and competencies, organizational plan, HR plan and inventory and job analysis. Process element of style model of HRM contains acquisition, development and maintenance (Kehoe & Wright, 2013). It is not possible for CEO to take care all aspects along with performing his own duties. This model will be helpful to cover each aspect regarding reputation of hospital. Output part of this element will be categorized into two parts organizational and personal. With the help of this model hospital can achieve the target in the form of goals achievement, readiness for change, productivity and quality of work life. Along with that it will give benefit to personally as well in the form of commitment, competence and congruence (Zhong, Wayne & Liden, 2016).

Key features of HR capability

HR capability framework focus to provide the concise pathway for development for HR professionals along with employees with supervisory responsibilities. I would like to recommend to CEO of hospital to develop the HR capability framework with three interlinked elements which is HR capability model, HR capability structure and supporting professional development. The key feature of building a sustainable HR capability is organizational routines and human resource policies. It is the capacity of HR to act and change in pursuit of sustainable competitive advantages. Along with that they key features of HR sustainability is benefits administration, performance evaluation, training and development, managing payroll, learning management, employee self services and recruitment (Mostafa, Gould?Williams & Bottomley, 2015). It is essential for hospital to be active in the section because it will improve the condition of the hospital along with providing high quality services.

Employee self services is a system which allows employee to be able to give demand access to their information so that they make able to access from anywhere by internet connection. Training and development is essential element in the hospital because hospital is a place where mistakes cannot be bear. HR is a department that makes able them to perform the task with attentive nature (Purce, 2014). It has been analyzed through case study that the similar organization of hospital is having the department of HR and CEO of other organization has a dedicated HR manager and highly motivated HR team. It has been recommended by me to CEO that these features of sustainable HR capability will be helpful to monitor the track records of morale, staff retention and overall quality of services and care of patients. Benefits open enrollment can be hectic but benefits administration is a system that involves the clear aspects of policies and employment. It is the system which is very simple for employees to make amendments to advantage when life changes occur.

Figure 2: HR capability Model

Source: (Cottrell, 2015).

These capabilities should be in the behavior and the part of the skills of HR operating model and HR organization design. The most successful transformation of HR maintain persistent observation on creating these critical capabilities and helpful to remove the potential obstacles from the organization. It focuses on the awareness of the competitive advantages along with targeted benefits.


It has been concluded that HR team is required for the hospital because it is the team which is handle all the staff of the hospital appropriately. In this report recommendation has been made to CEO in the context of improving the HRM operation of hospital. It has been recommended that HR team should be developed within an organization so that work of an organization can be done systematically. HRM model and HR capabilities model has been shown in this report which refers the importance of HR in an organization.


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