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The technological evolution have led the companies to incorporate the digital marketing for not only their promotional activities, but also the in the larger section of their activities. They have not only integrated technology in the marketing process, but also under constant pressure for optimising it through constant review. It is to gain competitive advantage in the market by keeping the marketing efficient to successfully address the target market. For understanding the performance of digital marketing in an organisation, it is important identify all the aspects ranging from social media marketing to website and email marketing.

Company Background

JW Marriott South Beach is a luxury hotel of Singapore with a combination of both historic heritage and modern style. This is a brand of the Marriott international, which is operating in 122 countries around the world. Moreover, the company is situated in the heart of the country’s art and cultural district. A number of famous landmarks and attractions are located within the walking distance of the hotel. The hotel further provides a number of key amenities for their customers to increase the satisfaction and greater value proposition of their services. They have directed their focus on digital marketing for attracting international customers. They are currently utilising a number of digital marketing strategies in the process, for which the responsibilities are distributed to a number of designated positions ranging from digital marketing executive to manager.

This report will analyse the current digital marketing of the company followed by the some recommendation that can provide significant benefits to the company.

Digital Marketing Analysis

Digital Marketing with Core Value

The company has been successful in aligning its core value with their digital marketing activities. This is due to their transparent communication of their value added services provided to their customers. The five values set by the company are as follows:

  • Put people first
  • Pursue excellence
  • Embrace change
  • Act with integrity
  • Serve our world

They have embraced the modern digital technology in proposing value to their customers by providing detailed information. The official website of the company provides detailed information about the existing brands of the company and the services provided to their customers.

7Ps of Marketing Mix


The company offers a range of rooms to their customers depending on the budget of their customers. These rooms are the evidences of the mixture of art and modernity that provides a luxurious impression. The hotel also offers a number of basic amenities like free Wi-Fi, pool etc. to the visitors for meeting their expectations. Moreover, the other services provided in the hotel include spa, dining and fitness, which mark them as the top luxury hotel in the area. Moreover, the impressive architect of the company allows the customers to experience a luxury holiday in Singapore (Jain 2013). These products and services of the hotel are communicated through digital campaigns and other modes of digital marketing.


The pricing on the other hand is considerably high as the hotel provides luxurious services to their customers targeting the higher economic group for the customers. The price of the hotel rooms ranges from 369 SGD to 670 SGD depending on the size of the rooms ( 2018). The pricing strategy incorporated by the hotel is premium pricing. The companies set the price of their products higher than higher compared to their competitors to establish the quality of the products. This helps the companies in imposing the brand value to their customers. The customers perceive the products and services as of premium quality due to the high price. However, the premium pricing of the products and services make the company to ensure the greater quality for satisfying the customers’ needs hold the perceived value.


The hotel is located in the 30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763. This is situated at the heart of Singapore’s art and culture district, which makes it easy for the travellers to visit the famous landmarks and attractions of Singapore.

These products and services of the hotel are made available for the customers in the online. The company has collaboration with various third-party travel agencies from where the customers can avail the services. Moreover, their official website provides detailed specifications of their products and services, which enables the customers to get accustomed with the available services before booking their products and services (Jain 2013). Furthermore, the company facilitates the customers with booking options directly from the hotel official website.


Promotion mix is of primary importance among the other marketing mix of digital marketing. This discusses the promotional marketing channels utilised by the company. The primary promotional channels that are utilised by JW Marriott are social media marketing, online marketing, third-party marketing, website marketing, email marketing, campaign, content and PPC. The promotional channels that can be utilised in digital marketing by the companies are divided under three categories that are advertising, public relation and sales promotion.


Various digital marketing channels are utilised by JW Marriott for their advertising activities. The digital marketing executives are associated with the advertisement activities incorporated. They are responsible for conducting campaign and regulating the other advertisement activities. Social media marketing is one of the primary modes of advertisement incorporated by the company for their advertisement activities ( 2018). The company has facebook, twitter, linkedin accounts for promoting their products and services (Tiago and Ver?ssimo 2014). The company also incorporated content marketing for communicating their products that includes video, photographs and description in the online channels (Pulizzi 2014). The experienced executives are empowered to monitor and ensure the content communicated to the customers is accurate and brand compliant. Moreover, the company also incorporated PPC or pay per click marketing for attracting customers to their websites (Stokes 2014). The executives are also associated with the responsibility of implementing the email marketing strategies and proactive search and optimisation of the correct usage of the hotel database. This enables the company to retain their customers. Email marketing also helps the company to keep the customers updated about the latest offers on products and services provided (Yousaf 2016). The digital marketing managers on the other hand are responsible for formulating marketing strategies that are implemented by the executives. They furthermore operate the website marketing. The company website is successfully utilised in communicating the details of the products and services provided to the customers. Lastly, the third-party travel agencies are incorporated for extending their reach in the target market. It helps them to attract greater number of target population as the third-party agencies play crucial role in advertising of the company.

Public Relation

The company has integrated various means of digital marketing for building public relation. The company has provided opportunities for the customers to join with the company for availing special benefits (Kumar and Raju 2013). Customers have the opportunity to earn and redeem points that will enable them to get special offers. This also enables them to provide feedbacks of the received services. This in turn helps the company in understanding the customers’ attitude and the modification required in accordance to the customers’ perceived value.

Sales Promotion

JW Marriott has adopted sales promotion in their digital marketing for attracting greater number of international customers. They provide a number of special deals to their customers for earning points that they can redeem by purchasing services (Armstrong et al 2015). Moreover, they offer exclusive deals to their customers to experience luxury services in Singapore. For example, the company is currently offering Singapore Weekends: Champagne Brunch Package, which is valid through 31st March, 2018 ( 2018). This includes designer accommodation, champagne brunch for two and late checkout. These offers are provided to the customers exclusively on their official websites. This is to generate greater revenue from their official webpage and reducing the sales from third-party websites. This in turn increases the profit margin for the company as this eliminates the commission they have to pay to the third party for selling their products.


The target population of the company belong from the international societies. JW Marriott hotel targets and offers their products to the higher economic international population. This creates the requirement for various staffs holding a number of designations for taking part in the digital marketing for the company. The digital marketing executives of the company are engaged in conducting various campaigns, segmental and destination marketing, search engine optimisation and email marketing. The digital marketing executives are also responsible for maximising all the digital marketing channels used by the company. They are also incorporated in the formation of the hotel communication plan for driving share from specific target market. The digital marketing managers on the other hand hold the responsibility of analysing and implementing strategies for achieving business requirements. The responsibility rests with the manager for aligning the goals of the company with the digital marketing by improving hte operational performance.


The marketing of the products and deliverance in hotel industry is mainly divided into two categories that are back stage and front stage. The service providers who are operating in the hotel are considered as the front stage performers in the service chain as they have to directly communicate with the customers (Sreenivas, Srinivasarao and Srinivasa Rao 2013). The digital marketing executives and the managers from this aspect can be considered as the back stage performers. This is due to the less direct interaction with the customers. They are however responsible for planning the communication process and communicating the details of the products and services to the customers. They are the ones responsible for creating attraction of the products and services. The hotel staffs on the other hand are responsible for holding the value created by the digital marketing team. Both the front and back stage performers in case of JW Marriott are successful in communicating and holding the value proposed to their customers. The feedbacks of the customers recorded are the evidence of their success in both the cases.

Physical Evidence

The physical evidence in the hotel services on the other are the amenities provided to the customers. This includes the free Wi-Fi, pool, fitness centre, dining and spa. This also includes other services like ballroom, sky garden etc. that are provided by JW Marriott in Singapore. This products and services are communicated by various means of digital marketing and digital promotion of the company (Khan 2014).

Limitations Faced by the Company

Despite of the effective implementation of digital marketing, the company is facing specific problems in increase their rating in the international market. The company have achieved a rating of four out of five ( 2018). However, their competitors are receiving greater attraction form the international customers. The possible challenge they are currently facing in mobile marketing. The mobile application of Marriott international is considerably weak and fails to communicate the details properly (Str?m, Vendel and Bredican 2014). There are multiple reviews received from the dissatisfied customers about of the mobile application. The current integration of technology shifted the customers from using a computer to the use of mobile phone.

Recommendation and Conclusion

Development of mobile marketing can be recommended to the company for attracting greater section of the target customer. The details provided through the mobile application are limited. The company should focus on their mobile marketing and modify their mobile application. Moreover, the customers are also struggling with the compatibility of the application. Hence, JW Marriott should consider investing more on their mobile marketing and increase the efficiency of the application. Secondly, the company should put greater focus on the public relations. They should encourage their customers for providing detailed feedback that can help the company to understand the specific needs of the customers. Feedback questionnaire can be recommended for directing and extracting detailed information of the flaws identified in the services.


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