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It would seem that such a catchy in this film? Well, yes, there are bloody shootings, a couple of good broads, some typical format for movies 'buddy film' jokes. Hostage-taking, which released two dissimilar protagonists, simultaneously settling miscreants-terrorists on both blades and blah blah blah ...
But there is something so exciting. First of all, it's not quite the terrorists - so dubbed their guys in ties, holding in his fist all the country, which is usually referred to as state officials. The thing is that the Marine general, the last with his brave soldiers are not one war and visited the hottest spots, maybe was not the only one who noticed the neglect of the state to its same citizens, but he was the one who tried to convince these overfed warthogs that they act like a pig. Is it difficult to agree with that, when you know yourself when watching the soldiers fought for a country that had completely forgotten about them and died for the country, which even bury them honorably did not bother. I think it is not difficult. It so happens that the boys fought for their country, but their memory was spat upon the moral state. Note that the concept of 'Homeland' and 'state' - it is, after all, different concepts. But it would not justify callousness president. General Hammel trying to somehow influence, affect, dokrichatsya government, because it is not by hearsay knows what death by machine gun - he saw killed his subordinates, comrades and friends. He watched as they shed their blood for this country. But after the general himself survived, he saw something more dramatic - he saw the indifference of most of the state tops
-. You will be comfortable just forget about everything
No, I do not condone the action! General - to try to get justice through the 81 hostages held by them, as well as through the VX gas missiles aimed at the city. But the general is simply understood that the politicians are deaf, blind, and all their hut on the edge. He simply does not already know what to do. And therefore, if you can call gallant general - a hero of the war - a terrorist? My language does not turn, do not know how the others. After all, it turns out that General only bluffing and no he did not intend to kill. That's all it was not terrorism - it was a cry of despair. If not legally. But in order to do the right thing, sometimes you have to break the law
-. You bastards forced me to it
but the guys in ties persisted screaming 'They are terrorists! They must be destroyed! ' . And when they decided to bomb Alcatraz (in common is simple - Rock) on which is based the general with a half dozen top-notch Marines, killing and 'terrorists' and the hostages, it becomes absolutely clear that the government is still easier to donate more 81 blameless life than admit they were wrong and to pay moral damages to the families of all those killed for their skins fighters. After all of the rights is not the one who is right, but the one who has more rights. Perhaps for such a government of their lives as citizens do not really mean anything. They cherish them only during elections -. But not more than
So why is this film so interesting, despite the simple plot? Because this is the same film as an act of terrorism was not caused by the banal human greed in order to exchange the hostages for money, and was organized in the name of justice. And this is the film in which the main terrorist is not recognized as such - it is really worth to empathize. And so Ed Harris is not recognized by the audience, as the villain. Negative heroes recognized the two sadistic and this maniac - Captain Darrow (Tony Todd) and Captain Fry (Sporleder Gregory) that 'since, as hostage-taking, have ceased to be soldiers - they became mercenaries' and they really were willing to put missiles and blow up the entire city to the dogs, and then cut all the hostages. For the sake of the promised money / destruction of the city they were even ready to break the chain of command and to raise a rebellion against General.
This film is also required to the excellent selection of actors. Here, no one really hamming and each in its place. Sir Sean Connery as a prisoner and a former agent of MI6 John Mason, which is able to get away from everything and, despite his age, actively giving to light a professional Marines, has long been a benchmark for a great movie .
him, so to speak, partner Stanley Goodspeed in the shell Nicolas Cage sometimes creates comic situations, remaining serious. But Nicholas generally fine actor. And I say this in spite of many critics, who on the other hand do not think so. You go to Hitler! He also proved that he can be the hero of the militants. And not only
Ed Harris -. Gen. stunning Frances Ex. Hammel . About this actor do bestolku say something - its role of his remarkable talent would say much better than any linguist
David Morse ( Major Baxter - subordinate and friend, General)., William Forsythe ( FBI agent Paxton ), beauty Claire Forlani ( Jade - daughter Mason), the same 'maniacs' Tony Todd and Gregory Sporleder - they were elegant. On their sites do not even want to present someone else
Separate applause breaks the music of the film, without which the 'The Rock' -. Would not have been of the < b> 'Rock' , which has already managed to catch the fancy of so lovers of good cinema.
Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Don Simpson (blessed memory ...) and all those who participated in this project and put a hand to him - a low bow and thank you
10 out of 10!

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