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As you can understand by the name of all
90th. In the decade came to a huge number of significant films of cinema. "Pulp Fiction", "Hard Boiled", "The Lion King" (the cartoon) and, of course, "The Rock". The second big movie Michael Bay (now - the master of explosive blockbusters, and then - the director of "bad guys" and various advertising), and at the same time - a $ 75 million budget and the level of stars Sean Connery in the lead roles. Surprisingly? Yes. But more surprising is that the movie succeeded
Goodspeed, Stanley Goodspeed
General Francis Hummel -. A patriot of his country. He wants only the best for her. But patience was exhausted when he learned that the families of soldiers killed in battle, do not get a decent monetary compensation. And now he was seized with a dangerous gas warheads «V-X» and the former prison "Alcatraz" (with tourists as hostages). Hammel takes money, but the US government decides to do differently. FBI equips the landing operation to capture "the Rock" and neutralize the rocket. The team, two "reluctant hero" of the business professionals were: prisoner John Patrick Mason, who is also a former British spy and Dr. Stan Goodspeed, a man who "even diving can not swim." What will come out of this crazy venture?
A lot of things. In general, "The Rock" is very rich scenario: there is humor (no less funny in Russian dubbing), there are excellent shootout (Michael Bay knows how to shoot things), there are interesting and far from flat characters (with the exception of some villains) ... Especially good of the characters stands Francis Hummel. He has, in fact, good intentions (to give most of the money to the families of its fallen soldiers), although the methods are very, very extreme ... But what else remains to do, if the US government simply spits on such families? Francis is very easy to understand. Yes, and by the nature of it is far from "bad guy." Ed Harris played well so unusual, "as if the villain." It's nice that in a Hollywood blockbuster distinction between "good" and "bad" characters are blurred. In the 90's it is not common
other characters are unambiguous, but no less striking -. Take the same Mason, which is very reminiscent of James Bond in the old age. He, despite his age, very cool. And the charisma he can not refuse. And how wonderfully humor! Apart from Sean Connery in the role of the British spy no one imagined - so it is "accustomed" to the role; it is clear that the actor play nice.
Stanley Goodspeed by Nicolas Cage turned also very interesting guy. It is not as simple as it seems at first glance - it's very clever, some coward, but if necessary, ready to do anything for the sake of people close to him. Game Cage only adds to the hero "points." It is a pity that the last time the actor did not come across such an interesting role.
In the background one can see Michael Biehn, John C. McGinley and no less talented performers. The cast is very good, the actors are their roles, and the moonlight, they do not seem to know how to
If you analyze the scenario in more detail, it turns out that in front of us -. Perfect thriller akin to "Hard Boiled", "Face" or " Die Hard ", in which there is nothing superfluous. Dialogues inventive seals are present, but in small doses and longer duration (136 minutes) is not annoying. Yes and outright insanity in the story a little bit (in contrast to the "Broken Arrow" and even "without a face"). In general - the writers had to be given the award. Shortcomings of the script can only highlight some stamps. The rest - not reproach
«Pure Action»
But director-producers also do not rest -. We are facing one of the most advanced in terms of action movies 90 -x. In the film, there are car chases, fist fight, explosions and shooting in extreme quantities. All delivered at a very high level of Hollywood (and excellent special effects), and hard to believe that Michael Bay, it was only the first real blockbuster - excellent directing action scenes does not give him a dilettante, but rather the opposite. In this film, the director, we can say, "he found himself in a movie." The film does not load. In addition, it wants to revise again and again. In particular - action scenes. If one word - everything's cool
«no one escapes from the prison»
Frankly speaking, the scenery is good.. She looks great "Rock", picturesque city of San Francisco. Action dynamically enough and location to quickly follow each other, and it is not possible to get bored. Great job the operator - in the martial episodes Kamena not shake, panorama of the city and its environs are fascinating, in conversational scenes he (the operator) takes a different shooting angles
Music authored by Hans Zimmer great picture, and the theme song came out very memorable.. The sound is good, like in any film with a budget of $ 75 million.
We would like to mention the Russian dubbing the late '90s. He is beautiful. Excellent voice well podobranny voice (Viktor Sukhorukov as parekmakera!) And a lot of really "shock" phrases. Who would be so ...
«My dear, do not come to San Francisco ...»
In 1996, the "born" one of the best modern action-directors. It is the "Rock" brought him international fame, and the term "film Michael Bay" became a household word. It is not surprising - after all, "The Rock" get an example of an ideal entertaining movie that wants to revise from time to time. Great acting, good story, a nice sense of humor and explosive action - what more can dream
Plot :? 8
acting : 9
Special Effects : 9
Landscape : 9
soundtrack : 9
Dubbing : 10
Bottom line: great action film that withstands great views
9 out of 10

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