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Almost all the works of Michael Bay as director, focused on large and often very large fees from the movie theater. Entertainment in his films, as a rule, is in the foreground, to recall the "Armageddon" enough, "Pearl Harbor" and "Transformers." And, actually, this is a good idea, since without entertainment in action movies and epic productions, to put it mildly, does not go far. Bay And this is good as anybody. But at the same, apparently because of his paintings are put on a very-through scenarios. That is bother to the account at least some plausibility of what is happening on the screen, no one under the supervision of the director does not want any. Surprisingly, his films from this absolutely nothing to lose and always looked with great pleasure that proves the identity of this genre, as a purely entertaining film. This I explained to then not have to stop at the scenic "delights", which in this film just by the thousand. Because, my friends, "The Rock." - creation completely in the style of Michael Bay and no exception to the rule is not
group of officers of various military units under the leadership of Brigadier General Francis Hummel plotting a bloody protest against the US government, which, according to most of these officers always had to spit on their fallen soldiers. Only under the command of Hummel in different parts of the world at different times, were killed and eighty-three of his faithful brothers in arms. And the state does not even organize a decent farewell to the heroes, with all honors. So that there is seeing, dead, as the saying anyway, but even the families of the victims received no moral or any financial compensation. Of course, many people who care, especially the military, it offends and causes doubts, and this homeland is needed to hell? In principle, they are absolutely right, I would under such action, whether it is peace, subscribed to without hesitation. But only according to Hummel peacefully will get you nowhere and you need to take the most proactive steps.
and brave general with a group (all, without exception, cool and properly trained special forces officers) burst into guarded by soldiers (clearly less steep and trained) warehouse that stores a considerable margin only recently invented the deadly chemical gas. In the words of the protagonist of the painting, the invention of which later regret. Well, clear the stump, a typical situation. Of course, all security killed so easily, as if still guarding the warehouse and not soldiers at all, and so pioneers scouts. Supply of gas has been imposed. And a group of renegades proceed to the next step. Alcatraz seizure occurs at a time when there is carried out the next round for tourists. Tourists taken hostage, and the very prison was converted into the headquarters of the campaign.
And then the fun. In the understanding of General Hummel, the government's fault should be punished or tens of thousands of innocent civilians, it is women and children included. So he sends a few (can not remember the exact amount) missiles for the full supply of this most murderous gas and require one hundred million dollars, or missiles will go into his final journey somewhere where polyudnee, taking with him a lot of lives. The money is needed to pay compensation to the families of the victims and pay for the services of his soldiers, who were in fact mercenaries. Later General recognized that this action was based on the bluff and had in mind was not to ruin so many people. He was a soldier, not a homicidal maniac (with no hint of bluff soldiers were killed guarding a warehouse).
The fact that it is most likely a bluff, as suspects and the US government, and therefore do not pay the money hurry. But Alcatraz remained hostage tourists number more than eighty people, and, therefore, remains an urgent task to save them. So the decision to send in the epicenter of a specially prepared SWAT team to resolve the conflict. Together with peacekeepers sent FBI agents to work with chemical weapons and gun in the hands did not hold, that he disarmed missiles and a cloudy prisoner before a British intelligence agent, who alone was able at one time to escape from Alcatraz, and therefore familiar with the system tunnels under the prison.
And this merry company of heroes sent on a mission to once again save the lives of tens of thousands of its price. Then keep silence about the subject, as all here begins.
film was very funny. As I said at the beginning of scenic sketches can talk a lot, but not worth it. But the entertainment, live action and traditional humor in situations, when there should be absolutely no laughing matter, everything is on the level, than Michael Bay and famous. Nicolas Cage liked. Nerd, nervously jerked his head and tried to joke wherever possible, gradually turning into a fighter armed to the teeth professionals looks cool. Never realistic, but fun. Sean Connery portrayed perfectly the very mysterious British intelligence agent Mason. Old dog originally knew that he was simply used to putting it back on the bench, so Mason is constantly waiting for the moment to blame, but the fate of the young chemist does not give him rest. The duo went very bright. And, as always, was very pleased to see on the screen, Ed Harris and David Morse, who played the general and his faithful friend Major respectively.
Specific words deserves the whole group of mercenaries led by Hummel. Apparently, all the professionalism with which they took stock in the beginning of the film, in the process greatly poissyak catching green Botha and veteran pensioner. The actions of these very cool guys in the identification and elimination of "two rats", to put it mildly, caused bewilderment and sincere trembling. Nothing can be done, so it is necessary for the film, not everything would come to an end in about twenty minutes.
What is the result? An excellent fighter with a good setting and cast, but you only need to look to those who do not kill naive (and sometimes outright stupidity) scenario. Take plenty of beer and go!

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