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- The burden of freedom is sometimes necessary to irrigate the blood of patriots and tyrants (c)
there favorite movie is a great movie. Very rarely, these two concepts are combined into one film. But in this case, they were only half of the main description of the tape. This film is not just a favorite and great. And the eternal. Joint efforts grossing producers Don Simpson (the land he rest in peace. He died during the filming of the tape) and Jerry Bruckheimer, was created perhaps one of the best fighters of the 20th century, which can be build up to the level of the genre standard. If the "Bad Guys" were a complete surprise, even for the Michael . That this tape has shown that Michael is not in vain chose Genre Action Action. Moreover, it is that his film he proved and showed all the facets of his talent. Not only as a producer of super spectacular fighters. But also as a true patriot, who could to stuff your movies a serious drama. It is with this film began to form patriotic style Bay, which moved in his other tapes. The film is good, it's not the usual dull blockbuster. Michael well-managed to create a very dramatic saturated. But also very entertaining film that comprehensively great pleasure. The film draws from the very first frame of the tape. It was his furious dynamics, which is easily replaced with a special one action scene to another. As usual in the film Bay, in the film a lot of chases, destruction, shootings, explosions and fight scenes. But here they are strictly dosed and really impress with their incredibly spectacular staging. Thus, the chase scene on the Hummer has become perhaps one of the most spectacular car chases in movies. But this all ends. Scene "confession" Hummel before the grave of his wife, and a scene in which Hummel General and Commander Anderson are verbal battle in the soul, perhaps two of the most powerful scenes of the tape. Watch without tears impossible and if the soul is inverted inside out. Yes, and the film itself was very emotional. From what you just become her hero. And not a spectator who watches all the action on the other side of the screen.
It is very rare to find a plot in action movies, which would be really impressed. For frequent, the script is very similar and quite stupid. That would not detract from the on-screen spectacle. Immediately, the creators have relied not only on a killer show pictures. But the dramatic intensity of the picture itself. The subject can not be called stupid. And the usual, too. The picture raises a very unimportant and instructive theme. When if not now, many young people are contemptuous of the people who gave their lives that would allow others to live in peace? The film picks up and develops this theme. Thereby causing a very strong emotions and really strong sense of patriotism, one experiences despite the fact that you are not the man over. Amid all this, really impressive characters that spelled out very interesting in and of themselves is very alive. Together, these two elements made the story very rich. And the above mentioned scene "confession" Hummel before the grave of his wife and the scene Hummel verbal battles and Anderson in the shower room, became the most emotional scene tape. You can quote every word. For it is brilliant. And also, not stingy on the expression of emotions in the form of tears. In addition, the plot develops quite rapidly and is completely devoid of stupid conversations. Moreover, it perfectly complements the slim and really high-quality humor that made some scenes really interesting.
Talk about talent Sir Sean Connery does not make sense. This actor with a capital letter and that he argued more than once in his career. The role of the old wolf John Mason, failed in his glory. The very character is very interesting. But the great game Sean Connery, it gets even better. Moreover, the noble appearance Sir Connery, has made it very interesting. Nicolas Cage well-turned out more serious cinema, commercial militants. His Stanley Goodspeed is not a typical action hero. He is cool. But mostly quite comical. What great beat Nicolas and created a really interesting way of an action hero. Ed Harris there is certainly the best. He got an incredibly interesting character, which he played all the possible 200% percent. His character can not be called a villain. Since it did not pursue the idea of ​​conquest or destruction of the world. He did not need the money. He just wants to push his country to the fact that she has honored the soldiers who gave their lives for it. But they have been forgotten and brought to the same country. He has not played Gen. Hummel. He became them and this, it becomes very much alive and present. Michael Biehn is simply magnificent. He perfectly managed to get used to the image of a Marine. But in the scene with a shower room, it just surpassed himself and led his character to full splendor. Separately want to note the brilliant game David Morse and many other actors. Among them, there is a Tony Todd, Claire Forlani, UIlema Forsythe, John McGinley and many others.
Initially, the music for the film created Harry Gregson-Williams and Nick Glennie Smith . But their music is not like the creators and not long before the premiere, they called an ambulance as a Hans Zimmer . This incident did not affect the quality of the work. Music is really great. While talking about her splendor, simply makes no sense. For it is a fact and that everyone is familiar. Hans well-beaten military motifs and gave it an incredibly rich sound. Music produces incredibly dynamic music, which is replaced by heartbreaking overture and vice versa. The main theme of the picture, just gorgeous. And the music just does not make sense to talk about. It is necessary to listen to themselves and to you everything will be very clear. This is perhaps one of the best works Hans
-. The burden of freedom is sometimes necessary to irrigate the blood of patriots and tyrants (c)
My assessment picture
10 of 10
Scala - it's a great movie. A real hit of all time, who watched watching and will watch with great pleasure. There are films, which are expected to end very badly. But when you watch this movie, you want that he did not end at all. Perhaps the best film by Michael Bay and the film, which is to see everyone. If you have not already, I recommend to quickly solve this problem.

C Victory Day to all those who gave their lives for our freedom and protect our homeland at the expense of their health. We remember. Thank you very much.

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