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famous military fighter-turned to the male audience generation 90 (including the author) film childhood, like comprises all the features Action classics: in addition to the scale of the performance here and the desired degree of brutality; and the team of actors that are directly related to the shock genre - Connery, Cage, Bean, Harris; and hardcore Rating: R for «strong violence, language and a sex scene». Events are developing a gorgeous dynamic soundtrack, which is characteristic mainly for those days when the militants have not yet been considered a second-class genre, and worked with them top composers such as Zimmer, Silvestri, Horner. As if everything is in place, and even controversial humor is appropriate in the context of the buddy-line. However, "The Rock" Michael Bay is not as impregnable as a screen of its namesake, has become for many famous criminals harsh sentence. Throughout the film there is a feeling of some worm holes, broken brick, Nuisance "beevskomu Alcatraz" make a touchdown in the annals of classic Action.
false morality.
central ideological character tape is a general Hammel, brilliantly played by Ed Harris. Enraged consumer attitude of the US authorities to the military, the lack of adequate support for their families and so the list goes on, he decided to open conflict with the state, because they do not see another solution to the problem already. And what happens? The state represented by a handful of cynical "white collar" without batting an eye announces Hammela and his people as traitors and terrorists. Moreover, the authorities are not going to pay the ransom, preferring death to people the loss of several million dollars. It does not matter - 80 hostages or 70 thousand citizens will be victims - all to be blamed on military casualties. In fact the film is a brutal and uncompromising suppression of an uprising against the government, and it is served by the authors of the film as a matter of course. But from a formal point of view, it is for the disgraced general truth, and, as would say Danila Bagrov, all the strength in her. However, from the point of view of the picture, the truth is that the state will not and should not admit their mistakes, answer for the error. But opposed the guaranteed waiting zinc coffins.
Conceptually, "Rock" is similar to that released four years earlier blockbuster "Under Siege," where former CIA-Schnick decided to punish the government for its betrayal by the military seizure of the battleship "Missouri". Between creation and Andrew Davis Bay it is easy to draw parallels: large-scale studio militants; capture terrorists famous military facility; threat missiles to destroy the city; the protagonist - a former special, etc. However, a fundamental difference between the tapes is that Segal opposed to the real bad guys - mother and unscrupulous terrorists led by the "go" Straniksom (Tommy Lee Jones). But beevskom film Hammel really positive character, though leaning stick with the capture of civilians. It turns out that in the "Rock" the good guys fighting the good guys, so everyone loses except for high-ranking officials at the very top, once again cover up my ass.
If you make a cut of the film on the characters level, the "nerd" -geroy Goodspeed ( Nicolas Cage) - this narrow-minded patriot, do not hesitate to executing orders given by a superior, even the idiot. He - the perfect cog in the state machine, endowed with the makings of a slave psychology and the concept of "good-bad" in the student level. Mason (Sean Connery) is more experienced and thinking character immediately smeknuvshy where the legs grow and that Hammela game - it is a pure bluff; . Helping cowboy-scientist only by the will of the circumstances and based on their personal interests
Morals "The Rock" is - «The authorities are always right. Accept the injustice of the state or be destroyed » . In this superhit 90 looks suspiciously like another government order on Hollywood vivid and memorable show in which the audience in addition to patriotic slogans casually brought the idea of ​​the necessary authorities. Tape Michael Bay is a warning to dissidents, malcontents and condemning political power of Americans. Such films periodically appear in the box, alternating with the US "peacekeeping operations" and will appear until the American military-industrial complex need be.
With rolling triumph "Golden eye", to break the bank for a year before the release of "The Rock", came the fashion for superspy James Bond in 1989 lurking in hiding after a series of setbacks. The "Rock" we are seeing the same "double zero" agent only fairly grown old. And though the film is not explicit reference to the legend of British intelligence (of course, except for the Connery - Bond №1), the filmmakers never denied that when writing Mason inspired by James Bond. Together with the 007 in the film came branded fairy-tale characteristic of James Bond. That is why the hero Connery usually wins the battle not at the expense of professionalism, strength and perseverance, which is typical for the classic fighters, but at the expense of wild Fartagh and the simple fact that he was MI6 agent. As a result of vigorous old man famously dealt with by a special unit, and it looks nowhere near as convincing and professionally as a Raybek exploits in "Under Siege." But can not be helped, because Mason, John Mason.
Beevskaya gloss.
music video director Michael Bay was always ready to sacrifice the story logic, realism and even laws physics for the sake of a beautiful scene, a spectacular shot or just for jokes. Therefore, it is not necessary to think about why in the first stage in a top-secret military missile falls off the bottom of the loading, why wrapped around old chair lace stand hanging on him a man, why Serbs are sending Bosnians airmail bombs from the United States and at the same time using gimmicks with bobblehead. All this outright lime, which glory all the films Bay, however, a tendency to "pour" the director assumes his name. The car chase scenes explode from a light touch, trams fly up to three meters, and the hammer crushes the pre-sawn sports car. In other action scenes the situation is no better, simply due to the high rate of viewer has no time to reflect on the meaning and realism of what is happening. How would Mason said: "Where throw - everywhere wedge." Incidentally, Konneri character itself sometimes surprised, for example, flattened in the coin sawing Special glass interrogation chamber. Creating a kind of game voynushki for adults, directed all through the film maintains a frivolous tone: the characters that suit the chase on trolleys in the spirit of "Indiana Jones", then play the ball a hand grenade, and in one scene Bay partially repeats humorous passage from "True lie "when the villain" flies "on a rocket.
picture« the Rock »perfectly embodies the brilliant green ball, designed to portray a container with VX gas. Bright, beautiful, and rolls quickly, but damn fragile. And God forbid him to get to the filling - the result will be very, very ugly
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