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Summary: The literal meaning of Robert Frost's poem «The path Not Taken» involves a traveler's choice to choose the less traveled and much more difficult of two paths emerging from a fork into the road. The figurative meaning is the fact that option symbolizes the «road» of life and that anyone must determine which solution to just take his / her life.

«The Road Not Taken,» by Robert Frost

The literal meaning with this poem is mostly about a traveler that is on a road and also at this point of the poem it splits into two paths. The traveler desires which he could travel both of them. The tourist looked at both the roadways in which he unearthed that the one ended up being traveled more than one other had been. He took the one which ended up being least traveled. Neither road was in fact traveled lately. He stated which he would keep one other one for the next day. But he doubted that he would ever return. Then he says he took the street less traveled by and that has made all the difference.

The figurative meaning of «The path maybe not Taken» is the fact that tourist is really simply somebody who is regarding the «road» of life. The point that the street splits is a choice your person has to make. He chooses the harder choice enjoy it is harder to state «no» to medications and to combat peer force than it is to just state «yes.» The reason why the «road» is harder is because the trail is not beaten just as much. The choice should have been hard because he said, «And sorry I could not travel both.» He said which he would leave it for another day, but he doubted that he would ever keep coming back. Which means that he wants he might have the choice again if he did he then would select other way to see what it was like. He additionally states that that certain choice he made has made a big difference.

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