The Right Way To Help Refugee Camps In Syria To Fundraise In America Essay


The problem in Syria has reached a global scale. The war has caused tremendous ripples in the Syrian population, devastating families and crippling the society as a whole. “An estimated 10.5 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of the civil war in March 2011. Now, in the sixth year of war, 26 million are in need of humanitarian assistance within the country. Among those escaping the conflict, the majority have sought refuge in neighbouring countries or within Syria itself” (“Syrian Refugees.,” 2015).

Syria right now is fragmented. The country itself is divided, causing fear and pandemonium. Syrian women even think that the homes they have left will remain as is. According to an article from The Washington Post, “the majority of these civilians hope to return home to a unified Syria and see the Islamic State as an even greater threat than the regime” (Balanche, 2017, p.12). Most people think the refugees are going to create a threat to our American internal security. I believe that we can help the Syrians by providing them with food, water, clothing, and toys for the less fortunate while they inhabit our homeland. These essentials should be a right, not a privilege.


Yankee Candle has been doing fundraising for years upon years, and have been very successful. Using their techniques, we can prosper in the markets and make enough money to make a difference. Along with their techniques, they have a program in which you can sell their candles for a profit. Doing this will help both us and the Yankee Candle company. To help these refugee camps in Syria, I believe the right way to go would be to fundraise in America and bring a strong income to provide for these refugees. Working with Yankee Candle would be a tremendous boost to this project; selling candles with some of the profits going to Syrian refugees would help excessively. Furthermore, helping the refugees in Syria is a huge incentive for consumers to buy from us. There are many large companies that are already seeking out to help refugees. Guidance and money from them would also play a part in this financial side of things.

Helping Those Who Seek It

Refugees are displaced all around the world, which is why I would like to start small. As this project grows, we can expand to other countries. For now, I would like to focus on Syria. Since there are many camps in Syria, I would like to work on one specifically to start. First and foremost, the Neirab Camp would be perfect to initiate our project, since the refugees inhabiting this tribe are living in very harsh conditions, causing the camp to be in critical condition (“Neirab Camp.,” 2016).

Overall, the cost facing this project will not be high. I estimate less than a hundred thousand. Donations will used to pay for most of the items. There will be no further payments once the donations full take over the expenses. With the money received from the fundraiser, we would be allowed to many things for the refugees. We would buy things that would help ease up the refugees’ lives with food, clothing, tools, etc. Simply giving $20 would help save a refugee from starvation for a day. Winter clothes, which can save millions of lives in the winter from frostbite, can be bought for a very cheap price. Toys will also be essential; toys can bring joy to a child’s life, and will help the refugees have a more friendly and overall healthy environment.

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