"The Return" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The thought of viewing the 'Return' has lived with me in the full communion of the spirit around 11 months. Idyll and persistence dominated in our relations. The emotional component, trembling and so important for the future viewing, only strengthened its impact. We lived in the clear understanding that view, he waited a measured time, still be done. In a single moment, we have condemned and 'Return', aged and noble, appears throughout its depth.
Surprisingly, Zvyagintsev stories intersect with my life, making scrolling in the memory of some events from the past. How many people know what is there without a father, it is there. Seeing her mother beats alone, she believes, dropping his hands only for a time, until no one is watching. Know what is inferior and why so many fathers have to justify themselves in this
... This is not a film, but a living, pulsating fragment miraculously caught on film. 12 - infinity for the child, and the father of questions have long been sent to the archive and no answers ...
On his return he no longer exists. And if before the father was in dreams, covered with a veil of obscurity, but now it's just a foreign object that somehow need to be considered. Father his harsh temper vainly trying to set off a twelve year old mistake of not recognizing it as such. In this case, the word 'Dad' is not the most sincere and forcibly extruded, which can only be
Life of two guys who are not accustomed to the complete family, he starts after a surprisingly calm mothers words. "Quietly, my father's asleep! '. Who is the father and whose father is - the first dumb questions puzzled boys' faces. How to behave with him to call on the 'you' or filial? In addition to the family of emptiness, we show the pandemonium minimalist home, detached settlement, the vast expanses of blank and nothing but nature, edge. Loneliness areas. human loneliness. Two of the abyss.
Daddy coming to my house once, do not bother to even it out with the boys, pulling back to sleep, as if the previous 12 years of absence have been fully carried out on his feet. Followed by a meal, symbolizing welcoming master's behavior, where a familiarity with his sons decided to drink, saying that tomorrow an exclusively male company needs to go hiking. This idea does not meet any disagreements, and the next day preparing a difficult road, during which will have to grow more than one year
-. Mom, where did he come
-? Came ...
Zvyagintsev in their paintings touches sharp, but at the same time always moments of life. History, where the father - a pilot with flight-long dozen years, could easily land in someone else's life directly to homes and people unaware of the runway, which could not be after such a long summer, while the mother is committed serene tranquility with clear shades of sadness or hopelessness of the situation. Family because ...
Dad came away not with the world, without even trying to find a common language with their offspring. Cold calling Vanya Ivan, requires to be known as none other than the parent. But is it possible for a couple of days all the settled way of life to rebuild for themselves? Hero Lavronenko psevdoottsovskimi with its rules and eternally sour face, bursts into life in general for a long time foreign to him children, confident svykshayasya with fatherlessness. Splashing out on the kids all their harshness, as if trying to hold accumulated over many years of training in a few days and so difficult. He was not even going to understand their living as before a lone wolf, with the only difference being that with someone you have to be close. Just do not take into account that for the boys all their short life is formally head of the family was only an old photo from a dusty chest, lost in the dark attic.
Ivan Dobronravov as younger son deserves the most enthusiastic words. The role of the grand. In the story, he did not recognize his father, rebelling as she can, standing up for justice and puzzled over the behavior of his brother, who is able to adapt to any circumstances. Life had time to teach. In this unexpected journey brothers did not turn away from each other, but to get out from under his father's love, as difficult as it and return to the water to two half-dead fish in a plastic bag circumstances. The eldest son Andrew - it is also a future 'pilot', which will continue the glorious tradition of flight and return, especially since an example to follow is taken at the ready, and his father's watch fell into the season. That's just the thing is that to realize a direct affiliation to the father needed a tragedy.
Cinematography by Krichman as always, is to be commended, it is world-class, which so wants to get used.
In his paintings Zvyagintsev tries to open up tight boarded-up human eye, get rusted, but bright minds earlier, start to think again, showing us ourselves, others and the existing relation to the family. Most often the diagnosis turns out to be disappointing at times 'disease' is incurable. No course of improvement of social malaise director does not offer, detailing the symptoms and threatening irreparable outcome, he wants us to osoznachi the status quo, and admitted at least currently. Following its continuing tradition, the author shows the tape of the film to film the loneliness of people in his country. It shows the devastation of the person, ruin relationships, their homeland, where there are children with no hope of tangible. And as a sentence:. Change of the human species for the worse
reflect on the film can be more than one dozen paragraphs, but rather that this monologue occurred in the mind of everyone.

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